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Driver Smashes Car Into Lobby Of Trump Plaza In New Rochelle, Then Gets Out And Sits On The Sofa

Video grab @AielloTV/Twitter

There's drive up service and drive-thrus.

And then...

There's this.

On Tuesday a Mercedes Benz smashed through the lobby of the Trump Plaza at New Rochelle, New York.

Staff said the driver then got out of the car and sat on a nearby sofa. It's not known if the incident was an accident or deliberate.

Reporter Tony Aiello of CBS New York stayed abreast of the story as it developed.

Others offered their own angles on the story.

Some people harkened back to other incidents involving Trump family members.

And one person floated a unique theory.

Only minor injuries were reported. The police have yet to release details about the driver or the reason for the crash.

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