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Dr. Phil Pleads With Fans To Stop Calling Him 'Daddy' On All Of His Posts In Hilarious Viral Video

Dr. Phil Pleads With Fans To Stop Calling Him 'Daddy' On All Of His Posts In Hilarious Viral Video
Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images; @drphil/TikTok

Social media has brought all kinds of wonderful things into our lives, from the cultural institution of funny cat and dog videos, to the non-stop scroll of memes that are sometimes the only things that get us through the day.

But social media has also brought us wonderfully strange things too, like, for instance, an apparently overwhelming amount of paternal affection... or admiration... or possibly even thirst?... for none other than Dr. Phil McGraw.

Yes, you read that right. McGraw is apparently getting so much attention of a paternal nature on TikTok that he had to post a video pleading with TikTokers everywhere: Please, for the love of God, stop calling him "daddy"!

The video, which McGraw posted Thursday, has the internet in hysterics.

Softly underscored by dramatic harp music, the video features the Texas-born TV and radio personality speaking directly to the camera with a simple onscreen message pasted above his head: "You have to stop calling me 'daddy' on my posts."

Short and sweet and to the point! McGraw's speech in the video is similarly straightforward... and also delightfully weird.

Giving his TikTok fans some good old-fashioned Texas straight-talk, Dr. Phil pleads:

"You have to stop commenting 'daddy' on all of my posts. I ain't your daddy. I hate to break it to ya, but I ain't your daddy."

He also makes an appeal to his fans to think about they might be making their actual daddies feel.

"Your real daddy's probably getting his feelings hurt."

Perhaps to ensure he doesn't hurt any feelings himself, Dr. Phil closes with a grateful... if low-key disturbed... thank you for his fans' support.

"I appreciate the support... It's a little weird, but I do appreciate the support"

But judging from the comments on Dr. Phil's video, he should definitely manage his expectations--pretty much nobody seems to have any intention of stopping the whole "daddy" thing!










And even those who did stop still had a lot of feelings about it.





So there you have it: 2020 remains undefeated when it comes to the WTF of it all. Now stop calling Dr. Phill daddy!