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Trump Absurdly Boasts That He Beat The Virus Because He's The 'Perfect Physical Specimen'

Trump Absurdly Boasts That He Beat The Virus Because He's The 'Perfect Physical Specimen'
Tia Dufour/The White House via Getty Images

Even before President Donald Trump underwent treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center following a positive test result for the virus that's killed over 200 thousand Americans, the President's health has alarmed many of his critics.

Whether it's the President's ill-advised diet or or his mysterious visit to Walter Reed last year, the President is by no means in exceptional health. The recently revealed non-disclosure agreements Walter Reed personnel were forced to sign by Trump last year aren't reassuring either.

That hasn't stopped him and his allies from making bizarrely outrageous claims about Trump's supposedly endless well of energy and mental fitness though.

Such was the case when Trump took part in a Fox Business interview on Thursday morning.

Watch below.

When talking about his recovery from the virus, Trump said to Fox Business' Maria Bartiromo:

"I'm back because I am perfect physical specimen and I'm extremely young, and so I am lucky in that way."

For many, his claim was a reminder of a 2017Saturday Night Live sketch "Through Donald's Eyes" where Trump has a decidedly skewed self-image and altered view of the world.

For his most recent trip to Walter Reed, Trump underwent supplemental oxygen and a cocktail of heavy drugs, including dexamethasone, which the World Health Organization only recommends for those battling the worst symptoms of the virus.

Trump and his campaign have still refused to say when Trump last tested negative for the virus, leading some to speculate that he knew he was infected as far back as the chaotic in-person debate between him and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden—two days before he supposedly first tested positive.

People thought Trump's claim of perfection was absolutely delusional.

Many of Trump's critics think he's sicker from the virus than he's letting on.