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Dodger Fans Go Wild After 'Giant Bird' Goes On Victory Lap After Nearly Being Hit By Baseball

Announcers were stunned as a goose circling Dodger Stadium that 'looks like a pterodactyl' nearly got hit by a foul ball.

Screenshots of the goose

It's a bird! It's a baseball popped towards third base! It's...a bird nearly getting clocked by a baseball that was hit in a recent Dodgers-Tigers game that then stole the show by circling the field several times before flying off!

Dodgers star David Peralta hit a foul ball on Wednesday night, and it went soaring off towards the stands. And as the cameras were tracking the ball, the crowd was able to see it nearly hit a goose that had been idly circling the field.

The startled goose, instead of immediately flying off, then circled a few times as the commentators and crowd both fixated on the daredevil goose in the air and not the game on the ground.

One commentator was simply stunned by the size of the bird, calling it a 'pterodactyl.'

It was a game that was interrupted more than once, as earlier on, a large bubble had drifted across the field before eventually popping.

Let's get the puns out of the way.

Many people were amused by the commentator's reaction to the goose, more than anything.

Some wondered if it was the return of the "Rally Goose" that helped the San Diego Padres last year.

Many commented on the tendency for baseball fans to be superstitious about omens in the sport—and proposed the different ways the goose could be interpreted.

People were just excited for the goose's near-miss and congratulated it for surviving.

Finally, someone summed up the scene.

Alas, the bird and bubble double-whammy of omens did not help the Dodgers to victory. They lost to the Tigers 4-2.