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Disney's Immersive 'Star Wars' Experience Will Have Its Own Unique Coke Products—And Fan Reaction Is Mixed

Disney's Immersive 'Star Wars' Experience Will Have Its Own Unique Coke Products—And Fan Reaction Is Mixed

New Disney attraction Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is set top open at Anaheim's Disneyland on May 31st (and in Orlando's Disney World on August 29th).

The hype is real, and Disney recently during a presentation and panel discussion at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago gave fans exciting details...and one thing that fans are much less happy about.

Black Spire Outpost, the location featured in the attractions, will apparently feature Coca-Cola's various product lines.

The soft drinks will be in specialty packaging labeled in the Aurebesh writing system featured in the films.

Black Spire Outpost will feature stores where park-goers can purchase Star Wars themed foods or other products and a Cantina where they can stop for familiar fare such as blue milk while listening to music from The Modal Nodes.

The attraction is being touted for its total immersion, including a companion smartphone app that allows participants to play an augmented reality game where they must flip light panels from the control of the First Order to the Resistance throughout the attraction.

The app will also translate Aurebesh on signs throughout the space for park-goers.

During the panel, Imagineer Scott Trowbridge told host Josh Gad:

"Everything in the market feels like it was made by people on that planet for people on that planet."

But the Coca-Cola product placement featured during the presentation would seem to contradict this.

And some fans are not happy.

Others just wanted more details about the attraction and felt that the Coca-Cola spot took up valuable panel time.

There were quite a few people who didn't think the idea was so bad, though.

Many were actually excited about the special packaging.

As far as souvenirs go, you could definitely do worse than a Sprite bottle shaped like a thermal detonator and labeled in Aurebesh.

But if you long for the real deal, you can get the full original saga and prequels, Episodes 1-6 here. NoCoke products in sight.