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Disney Just Slyly Confirmed That Loki Is Genderfluid In A New Trailer—And Fans Are Cheering

Marvel Studios/Disney

The premiere of Loki on Disney+ has everyone buzzing. What is even more exciting is Disney confirming our anti-hero Loki is actually genderfluid.

The official Loki Twitter account dropped a teaser on Sunday that was only 18 seconds long. But it was enough to get the hardcore fans a glimpse at Loki's confidential file.

His Time Variance Authority file reads "SEX: FLUID" in tiny letters and was only on screen for a matter of seconds.

Genderfluidity would come easily to him as it's defined as a fluctuating identity flowing between or in and out of the gender binary of man and woman.

This is no surprise to most fans of Marvel or Norse mythology, as Loki is known for being a shapeshifter and—according to mythology—either the father or mother of several offspring.

Though one Twitter user made a good point.

Sex does not equal gender.

Even if Loki's physical forms shifts, that doesn't mean his gender identity shifts with it.

Here's a great thread about things to avoid saying when talking about Loki's (or anyone's) identity as being fluid.

We cannot say 100% Loki identifies as genderfluid or if that was even the creators' intention.

What we can say is representation in media matters and we love to see it.