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Right-wing Activist Trolled After His Voter Fraud Book Is Recalled 'Due To A Publishing Error'

Right-wing Activist Trolled After His Voter Fraud Book Is Recalled 'Due To A Publishing Error'
NurPhoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images; @NancyLevine/Twitter

Right-wing conspiracy theorist, conservative provocateur, Trump pardon recipient and former Laura Ingraham paramour Dinesh D'Souza is the target of massive mockery online following the announcement his exposé on supposed voter fraud in the 2020 election was recalled by his publisher.

In tweets, D'Souza cast the decision as merely a delay in publishing to October for a simple "publishing error."

But a leaked announcement from a book distributor gives a different impression, calling the move a "FULL RECALL"—in all caps—by conservative publishing house Regnery, an extremely rare move suggesting the error is more than a simple hiccup.

Given there was no significant voter fraud in the 2020 election, the most secure election in American history, and D'Souza's claims were already thoroughly debunked previously and several people and organizations that made similar unsubstantiated claims are being sued?

Well, you can probably gather what the "error" might be.

See D'Souza's tweet about the matter below.

D'Souza wrote:

"The publication date of my book '2000 Mules' has been pushed back a few weeks and early print copies recalled."
"From @Regnery: 'Due to a publishing error, the publication date of 2000 Mules has been postponed to October 25, 2022. We look forward to publishing 2000 Mules this Fall''

In a follow-up tweet, D'Souza implied the error was the sort of simple fact-checking foible that frequently occurs during what D'Souza called the "sausage-making process" of book publishing and which simply wasn't caught in time for the first press.

But the distributor's take on the matter gives a very different impression.

Author and reporter Nancy Levine received what she says is a copy of an announcement from a book distributor that supplies books to Walmart regarding Regnery's recall, which she subsequently shared to Twitter.

The alert read in part:

"Please note, the title below needs to be pulled out of stores immediately due to FULL RECALL from Publisher."

The publisher itself later announced the full recall on its own Twitter page, saying the book's publication has been pushed back to October 25, 2022.

Such a recall, after the book was published and distributed, is an extraordinary measure that comes with extraordinary costs for a publisher—not a thing a publisher would do for, say, a misspelling of a name or a similar small error.

D'Souza's central election fraud conspiracy theory, in which he claims the 2020 election was won by paying "2000 mules" to stuff fake Biden ballots into absentee and mail-in ballot boxes, has already been thoroughly debunked following the release of D'Souza's documentary film of the same name.

D'Souza's claims are so absurd they've been called nonsense even by some of former Republican President Donald Trump's closest insiders, including former Attorney General Bill Barr.

And far-right ideologue Ann Coulter, herself an author of books published by Regnery, publicly called D'Souza's film "Dinesh's stupid movie" and accused him of "grifting" off 2020 election resentment.

When even Ann Coulter won't propagate your propaganda you know it's spurious at best, and Regnery's extraordinary measures have led many to speculate they did so to avoid the legal ramifications of publishing a fallacious book.

On Twitter, people of course had a field day raking D'Souza over the coals over the news.

D'Souza was himself convicted of violating federal election laws in 2014.

He was pardoned by former President Trump.