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Diddy Is Bizarrely Proud Of Getting Athlete's Foot In Awkward Video

The rapper showed off his toe fungus on Instagram to prove that he's been 'locked in' with his recent workouts.

Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images for Montana Entertainment

Nowadays a lot of us are trying to get rid of shame, but Diddy just might be taking it to the extreme.

The rapper and music mogul recently posted a rather bizarre brag on Instagram--about foot fungus.

It seems Diddy has been stricken with good ol' athlete's foot, and he's darn proud of it—and definitely not keeping it to himself. Hopefully, only in the verbal sense since some people seem to think he's not quite clear on what athlete's foot actually is.

Diddy posted a video to Instagram bragging about the "itchy itchy burny burn" as evidence of how hard he works in the gym, as seen below.

Along with video of the foot in question, Diddy said:

“It’s a proud day today. I been on my three-a-day workouts and I got athlete’s foot."
"If you ain’t got athlete’s foot, you ain’t locked in. Look at that pretty foot. You see that? Yeah."
"I’ma take care of it though don’t nobody get nervous. Yeah, it’s okay. Just a little itchy, burn burn.”

Listen, hats off to Diddy and anyone else going hard on their fitness game but, uh, the burn of athlete's foot is not like muscle burn?

It's a literal fungus—or an array of funguses, actually—that causes a condition called tinea pedis that one often picks up at places like gyms. And no shame, but it's kind of gross and definitely terrible and often extremely hard to get rid of.

And as any athlete will tell you, if the infection makes it to any other--ahem--nether regions a bit higher up on the body, where it is known as tinea cruris, aka jock itch? Well, good luck with that.

Oh—and let's not forget it's also nicknamed "ringworm" because it can appear as though a worm is under your skin. Thankfully that is just a horror movie-level terrifying misnomer—there are no actual worms involved.

Anyway, Diddy, hate to break it to ya but athlete's foot is not exactly an achievement. And definitely not an indicator of diligence at the gym.

So Diddy's post elicited the expected response from people on social media: hilariously vicious mockery.










It seems American hustle culture has now gotten to the point where we're praising foot fungus. Diddy's always been a trend-setter but man... it might be time to put the phone down.