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Designer Trolls Trump With Wrongly Colored Flag Shirt Design

Yup, it's available for purchase

Designer Trolls Trump With Wrongly Colored Flag Shirt Design

Donald Trump has been having a rough time lately. Sure, all of his closest contacts have been slamming into legal troubles and Omarosa has tapes and he got banned from his second funeral as President––but none of that is what we're talking about. If you somehow missed it, Donald Trump flubbed coloring in the American Flag with a group of children. Some people said he was making a thin-blue-line statement, but most think it was just a beautiful botch job. One designer took one look, decided it was art, and now it's available as a t-shirt.

If you somehow missed how things originally went down, here are some tweets to catch you up.

Designer Max Temkin, the brains behind Cards Against Humanity, took a good long look at this faux pas and was inspired. So he turned to Twitter with a game-changing question.

It took Twitter no time to respond with a resounding YES.

Obviously, Max had to give the people what they want. He went with it and now the design is available as either a t-shirt or a v-neck. Max partnered with Threadless to offer the shirt for $25. He was even so kind as to give Twitter a code for free shipping!

Twitter could not be happier right now.

You can purchase the shirt here if you're so inclined.

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