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Denver TV Anchor Goes Off On Boebert's Behavior At 'Beetlejuice' Show In Blistering Takedown

9News anchor Kyle Clark laid out exactly why nobody was shocked by the MAGA Rep.'s disruptive behavior.

Twitter screenshot of Kyle Clark; Lauren Boebert
@KyleClark/Twitter; Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Denver 9News anchor Kyle Clark criticized Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert over her lack of theater etiquette during a Denver performance of the musical Beetlejuice.

Speaking on his program Next with Kyle Clark, the anchor expressed his lack of surprise at Boebert's behavior, given her controversial history, which includes suggesting that a Muslim colleague, Minnesota Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar, "was a suicide bomber."

Boebert initially denied many of the allegations about her disruptive actions at the musical, which included vaping, taking pictures, and causing a disturbance. Clark noted that Boebert's initial denial was in line with her history of dishonesty.

You can hear what he said in the video below.

Clark said:

"Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert's recent performance of sorts that got her thrown out of a theater in Denver was a lot of things but it wasn't a surprise."
"I haven't seen a single person say, 'I am shocked that Lauren Boebert was rude, disruptive, and beligirent.' This is, after all, the congresswoman who suggested that a Muslim colleague was a suicide bomber.”
"I have not seen anyone surprised that Boebert did not tell the truth about what happened because days before, we just fact-checked her latest false claim about migrants."
"I haven't seen anyone say it was out of character for the Congresswoman to appear to berate theater staff members who were just trying to do their jobs."

However, what surprised Clark was Boebert's eventual apology, which only came after video footage emerged showing the extent of her disruption during the performance. On X, formerly Twitter, she admitted to having "fallen short" of her values.

He said:

"Really, the only surprise in all of this is that Boebert, once she got caught, apologized and said she didn't live up to her values. What? When Boebert didn't know that the cameras were watching, she was exactly who she is when she does know people are watching."
"Boebert reportedly asked the theater staff, 'Don't you know who I am?'"
"Yes. We do."

Many concurred with Clark's assessment.

Boebert's camp initially acknowledged that she was taking photos during the performance but disputed reports that she was vaping; a campaign statement did not address her alleged behavior.

Theater officials confirmed that two patrons, including Boebert, were escorted out of the show after talking loudly, vaping, and using cameras during the performance. They had been warned about their behavior during intermission when a pregnant audience member who was sitting behind them complained, but continued to disrupt the show in the second act, leading to their removal.

It took several days for Boebert to break her silence with a statement saying she "was a little too eccentric" that night and exhibited "maybe overtly animated" behavior.

Her date has been identified as Quinn Gallagher, a reported Democrat and owner of the Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar in Aspen, Colorado. The business has been flooded by negative reviews since he and Boebert were photographed together.