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Decoration Purist Destroys Her Neighbor's Scandalous Playboy-Themed Easter Display

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"Sexy" is probably not what comes to mind when you think of Easter displays.

Easter might make you think of Easter bunnies, Easter chocolates, Easter egg and egg hunts. Maybe even Jesus Christ rising from the dead.

But if a sexy Easter display of mannequins dressed as bunnies in knee-high stockings and leotards floats your boat, then by all means, have it.

It's a free country, is it not?

But one man's Playboy-themed Easter display really ticked off one of his neighbors, who took it upon herself to destroy the display in front of television cameras. She's now facing charges.


This happened.

Oh, yeah, here's some more video from earlier that afternoon before the man, identified as Dr. Wayne Gangi, went to City Hall "to take care of this situation."

There are no laws against decorations like these, but several of Gangi's neighbors had expressed their disgust. The woman seen in the video above thought Gangi was "just crossing the line," citing concerns that the display would be a bad influence on her son, and added:

"I'd like to take them down myself."

So she did.


It's clear this wasn't a, shall we say, wise choice?

The fact that the woman did this with news cameras trained on her means any defense she might concoct will be pretty dead in the water from the moment she hops into court.