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David Spade Pays Emotional Tribute To Kate Spade With Family Photos

David Spade Pays Emotional Tribute To Kate Spade With Family Photos
Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic

Actor and comedian David Spade shared family photos as a tribute to his late sister-in-law, fashion designer Kate Spade, who committed suicide on Tuesday. She was married to Spade's brother, Andy.

Kate Spade was found hanging by a scarf in her New York City apartment on Tuesday morning. The 55-year-old fashion designer became a household name after she launched her brand of high-quality, stylish, moderately priced handbags.

Her brother-in-law, David Spade, shared family photos in the wake of the tragedy, as his family and the country mourns the loss of one of fashion's most iconic women.

In one photo, Spade can be seen signing one of his books, Almost Interesting. "I don't think everyone knew how f*cking funny she was... Its a rough world out there people," Spade wrote in his tweet.

Spade also posted a picture to Instagram of himself and his sister-in-law during a family Christmas event.

"Fuzzy picture but i love it. Kate and I during Christmas family photos. We had so much fun that day," Spade wrote. "I still can't believe" she's gone, he added.

Spade received a wave of heartfelt support on Twitter, from colleagues and fans alike.

Actor and author Maureen McCormick said, "my heart goes at to you all."

Fans and followers chimed in as well, offering their thoughts and prayers to the Spade family.

"No one knows what another is going through," one person wisely wrote. "So we all just need to be kind to one another always end of story."

Another person shared a picture of herself and Kate at the book signing that David shared. "Kate was so friendly and full of smiles," she said.