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Dad Convinced Viral Video Shows His Young Daughter Being Pulled Under Her Bed By A 'Ghost'

Dad Convinced Viral Video Shows His Young Daughter Being Pulled Under Her Bed By A 'Ghost'

It's official, just about every genre of content is now available somewhere on TikTok.

Lip sync routines? Check.

Funny editing of strange people encountered in public? That's there.

Company marketing? Plenty of that.

Suggested proof of totally false conspiracy theories? Got it in spades.

And now, thanks to a recent video that's managed to snatch up over eight million views in about two days, "evidence" of paranormal activity.

The ghostly content was posted by TikTok user Josh Dean, who included baby monitor footage of his daughter as she struggled to sleep in her bed.

With nursery rhyme playing in the background, the toddler tossed and turned her way to the foot of the bed.

There, she hung her head down to take a look at the world underneath—a classic childhood move that so many have done.

But then, with the nursery rhyme still roaring in the background--borrowing the common horror movie trope--the child rolled her way off the side of the bed and stuck her head completely underneath.

It was then that the supposed supernatural dynamics took hold. The toddler could be seen quickly sliding her way under the bed, calling out "Mommy!" repeatedly in a tone that seemed to suggest surprise and powerlessness.

Eventually, her little feet were the only things still seen on the camera--until those disappeared beneath bed too.

The caption on the video indicated that at home, interpretations of what exactly happened were split:

"...wife thinks she crawled out but she was clearly pulled by something."

The TikTok comment section garnered a similar mixture of reactions.

Some people were totally on board with the supernatural interpretation.


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But plenty of others shared his wife's more reality-based interpretation.


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Depending on how many more videos like this begin to crop up, TikTok may need to put some ghost hunters on the payroll to follow up on content like this.