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People Share The Creepiest Dreams They've Had That Actually Came True

People Share The Creepiest Dreams They've Had That Actually Came True

It's always relief to wake up mid-nightmare and think, "it was only a dream." Until strangely, your life starts following the sequence of that dream. Is there any space between the dream and reality?

u/NoPaperMadBillz asked:

What are some of the weirdest/creepiest dreams you've had that came true?

Here are some of those dreams.

Not Exact, Still Lovecraftian


Normally my dreams are a combination of F'ed up fantasy land and acid trip, but I had a dream about my boss yelling at me about putting books back in the wrong sections and her head turning into an insect and swallowing and chewing me into tiny bits. I could feel each of my bits of gore being destroyed and it was weird

The next morning I went to work and began putting books back and my boss began yelling at me for putting books in the wrong sections. She though that HP Lovecraft was fantasy and I thought it was Sci-Fi and she just needed to yell at me about it. Then a cockroach crawled across her desk.


If Only In My Dreams

I changed schools when I was 8 or 9 and it was a cool experience and I enjoyed it but kinda missed my buddy.

Halfway through the school year our teacher told us to clean up the classroom because we had a new student joining tomorrow. That night I dreamed it was my buddy coming to my new school, but he couldn't stay long and my initial happiness turned to sadness.

Next day I was not even surprised to see my buddy being introduced to the class. It was a nice reunion and things went well for a month or so then he stopped coming to school for a while, came once or twice more, then never came again. It seemed so sadly weird to me.

When I was a bit older I found out he had passed away. He was a sick kid, heart problems from birth and low oxygen levels led to him being fairly sick his whole life. The reason he ended up at the school I moved to was his family moved home to the grandparents farm to be a closer family in case his health did not improve. Which it did not. I remember the sad dream I had about him and it creeps me out to this day.


The House Began To Pitch


I live in Alabama.

When I was 13, my neighbor had just cut down the trees behind his house because he had a dream that they had fallen on his house during a tornado. Two weeks later, I had a dream where I was looking down on the US from space, and a tornado the size of the state was tearing through Alabama.

I woke up to the start of the second deadliest tornado outbreak in US history. Later, my parents ushered me and my sister off the front porch as a tornado passed by a few hundred yards from our house, just up the hill behind my neighbor's. The other end of my street was completely destroyed (Argo, Alabama, in Walker County, about halfway between Jasper and Sumiton in case anyone wants to look up the damages. There's another Argo, Alabama that's bigger, so it may be better to search the other cities.)

Tornado-related (but not dream-related) side-note, I also now go to Jacksonville State University, which was partially destroyed by a tornado just this March.


Prisons Of The Mind

I dreamt of a man, in water, and in a coffin. In that dream, I looked down and I wore red boots [I was not myself in my dream, perhaps I was my sister, I thought]. I later saw that same man, my half sister's real father [he never was in her life], later that week laying in his coffin at his funeral in "real life."

Even more strangely, I felt strongly compelled to write poetry after that dream. I wrote several pages, all of which my sister cried and felt like her father wrote them himself. It was very ironic as the poetry was about prison, and more, of which he was in prison for a lot of his life.


And Isn't It Ironic

Not my dream; This was a dream my dad had

He was on vacation and the night before his flight home, he went to sleep and had a dream that he was in a horrific plane crash that he somehow miraculously survived and he said that in the dream, he realized that the reason for the crash had something to do with the nose of the plane.

The next morning, he wakes up and goes to the airport to get ready to head home. He said he was already an anxious mess after his dream the night before but he didn't have a choice and he had to come home on this particular flight. After noticing it's taking a while for takeoff, the pilot comes over the intercom to thank everyone for their patience and that they are "just checking on something that might be wrong with the nose of the plane"

He obviously got home just fine and nothing bad happened, but he said it was the most anxiety-filled flight he's ever been on


The Kitchen Took A Slitch


I had a dream that I was in my grandma's greenhouse and then a giant alarm clock went off so I turned it off. Then a tornado siren started going off as I turned off the alarm clock. The whole greenhouse exploded and I woke up... To a tornado siren going off.

I'd fallen asleep around noon so I was pretty surpised that it looked like it was getting night when I looked out the window. It wasn't even raining. I looked at my phone and saw a tornado alert (I'm assuming the alert was the reasom for the alarm clock in the dream) it didn't really worry me because there'd been tornados in days before and I kept getting warnings for baby 'naders that were on the other side of the county. Then I saw the time and almost sh*t myself, it was only 3:07 PM. I did a double take and then looked at the wall clock to confirm the time again. Then went and opened the front door, it looked like a really cloudy early night except the clouds were moving really fast. Then it started hailing and raining. I turned on the TV and immediately knew something really bad was going on because the meteorologist didn't have his suit jacket on, had these huge pit stains under his arms and was jumping around yelling. I was a bit mesmerized by the screen because I'd never seen the weather radar backdrop thing look like that before. He started naming places near the house and it snapped me out of it. I got my grandma out of bed and got her to the storm shelter in the garage. The house was destroyed with EF4 intensity. The storm was rated an EF5.

We'd just started renting that house like 5 months before that. I nearly picked a house without a storm shelter because I liked it better but my uncle (who was helping me find a rent house because I didn't know what I was doing) said that I couldn't rent a house in Moore, Oklahoma without a storm shelter because a tornado would take it out before the lease was up. They get a lot of tornados in Moore.

The dream was crazy but I know it was because I was in the greenhouse the day before (I'd actually just finished setting it up for my grandma) during the tornado warning. I guess my dream mind heard the tornado siren and took me back to the last place I was when I heard that sound.


The Energy Experience

Years ago in res I was friends with this girl in the dorm room next to mine. We hung out a lot, she was a little older than me, and pretty cool. we partied and drank loads but we didn't do any illegal substances.

One night I had this vivid dream - she had been doing drugs and the police were after her, and I was trying to help her evade them. My surreal memories of this dream involve rushing through various buildings until we ended up in a bathroom, with me trying to flush her drugs down the toilet with the cops banging on the stall door. It was an intense, anxiety ridden dream, which I remember to this day. Mainly because I woke from it to her knocking on my door. She had crazed panda eyes from crying. Told me she had tried drugs for the first time the night before and had a bad trip, overslept and had missed an important exam that morning.

If I believed in such things I'd swear I picked up on her energy through the wall that separated our beds. It was a very weird coincidence.



When I was 15, I had a dream about the future.

In this dream, it was dark all the time as if there were some sort of problem with the sun. The road outside my house was no longer wide enough for vehicles, but instead resembled paths like you'd find at a park. It was raining a little, but so softly that you couldn't feel it but heard it hit random leaves in the trees. Also, my high school was different: it had multiple floors now and lounges for students to relax in.

Now, fast forward to present day (I'm 44).

I'm a night custodian at a community college. One night, as I was returning to one of our many buildings, I stopped and looked around me.

Here I was standing on a paved path, not wide enough for a vehicle, but resembled a path at a park. It was raining that same soft rain. It was night time, of course. And to top it off, some of the buildings are multi-level and have student lounges in them.

I don't really think that I glimpsed the future but at the moment I remembered it all, I did have goosebumps.


Nursery Rhymes


When I was in first grade my school set up one of those traffic lights that change colors when it gets louder as an experiment to see how loud and quiet we can be at lunch. On the first day they used it it stayed green but I had a dream that night that it was yellow and flashing for some reason (Keep in mind that during this time I had never seen a flashing light on a traffic light before). Lo and behold, the next day the light turned yellow and was flashing just like in my dream. It honestly freaked me out at the time. The lunchladies just kept saying "I'm disappointed!" over and over again as if this was all of our fault which didn't really help with that. After that scenario I never saw it at lunch again.

Also during the same time I remember having the "One, two, buckle my shoe" rhyme stuck in my head and trying to figure out what came after "Seven, eight, close the gate" since I had only heard it up to that point. I tried thinking of a rhyme that would work with "Nine, ten," and all I could come up with was "Nine, ten, big fat hen", which immediately sounded ridiculous to me and only something that my crazy imagination would come up with. But soon after that while I'm at school my teacher is going over the same rhyme and to my surprise right after the "Seven, eight" part she says "Nine, ten, big fat hen!". I'm stunned at this point because I had no idea this was actually a part of the rhyme and I figured it was just something I made up. So yeah.


I'll Be Seeing You

Buckle up this might get long. I've never told this to anyone and it's really f*cked me up, I still have trouble sleeping to this day and have considered many times seeing a doctor or some other mental health care professional about it. Anyway here we go.

Two years ago, I was finishing up classes for a vocational program, and my friend (let's call him Dan) hit me up I want to say it was a Wednesday or a Thursday to go to a trivia night at a local bar. I probably could have gone, but I declined to finish my final work ahead of the weekend when it was due.

That night I had a dream and I was Facebook messaging with Dan, and we were just shooting the sh*t, when this sudden sense of dread came over me. I just knew that if he stopped messaging me and left his house he was going to die. I kept trying to tell him this but he did his usual and made fun of me and even left his house and came to mine and to show me I was just freaking out over nothing. That morning I wake up and I have like ten missed calls from Dan and other friends that went out with him. I panicked listened to the voicemails, only to find out it was my friends hammered at like 3 am calling me a pu**y for not going out...typical. Ended up texting dan about the night he responded and everything was normal.

Two or three nights later that Friday (definitely a Friday night) I asked if Dan wanted to grab dinner and he said no he was driving to a nearby mountain for a weekend ski trip with family friends. No big deal I tell him to have fun. And grab dinner alone, and go to bed early because I had a hockey game Saturday morning, a bunch of us play every Saturday morning at 5 am. That night I have a dream that Dan and I are at a beach and we're tossing like a Nerf football around. He goes into the water and I'm on the shoreline and he keeps going deeper and deeper. I get that same sense of dread, and call out to him to come back, and he keeps saying he's fine and sits a deep ball back to me. I keep warning him and he keeps telling me he's fine. And a sense of calm comes over me. I wake up Saturday, play hockey, and go back to sleep until probably 1-2 PM. When I wake up I have a shirked if text messages from all my friends in our group texts. Dread comes back. Dan has a real bad skiing accident. My f*cking heart sinks.

The next day is filled with updates from people in and out of the loop, but long story short, Dan broke his neck and died on that mountain, and they had to take him off life support that night. He passed early Sunday morning.

Now it gets even weirder. I'm heartbroken, as are all our friends and his family obviously. But I am in a weird unique position as my family is in the funeral business and that just happens to be the vocational school I was in at the time. Being close friends with us his parents contacted me to set up the funeral with my dad and uncle, as I wasn't licensed at the time. On Tuesday my father and I drive up to the hospital to pick up Dan's body to bring him back for his funeral services. It's a pretty far drive so we leave early in the morning. I haven't slept much and throughout the drive I was dozing in and out. In my half daze we stop at a rest stop my dad gets out, I stay and I guess fall asleep. I come to some time later to a car door slamming shut, I jump awake and see none other than dan getting in the drivers seat. That sense of dread comes down and I open my mouth to start talking. I don't remember saying anything but I remember clear as day Dan saying,

"bro you've been asleep this whole time we're almost at the convention."

I'm confused, but chalk it up to sleeping and remember him and I are heading to a football convention for coaches (we coached JV football together as part time jobs). So the drive keeps going we're just kind of taking and chilling, and then it hits me I've made this drive already, and I wasn't coaching anymore. So I turn and look at Dan and he's just staring at me. I start crying ,

"We're not going to (location of conference) are we man." He just kind of chuckles and pulls the car over to the side of the road. "Nah man. We're not, but we're almost there." Right after that my dad is waking me up saying "hey bud we're almost there are you alright?"

Ever since this happened I've had a real hard time sleeping out of fear of my dreams. In a way it's both terrifying and calming, but it was for sure the strangest period of time in my life and I just can't explain it. I've never really remembered dreams vividly before, but these are crystal clear. A lot of the time when I'm about to sleep at night the sense of dread returns, and I have to literally exhaust myself to be able to sleep. I browse reddit a lot but never made an account to post, but this question really hit home for me so I decided to sack up and write it out and it's actually been nice to actually talk about it, because as I stated before I've never physically talked to anyone about this.

Anyway if you made it this far thanks for reading. This is 100% a true story, and has brought up not only sleeping issues for me but questions about faith and the afterlife or lack thereof. I tried to be vague but kind of posted some personal info here so hopefully no one I know reads this. I'm still really hesitating to talk about it with people I know, especially after so much time has passed.