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RIP To This Woman Who Just Bought The World's Creepiest Doll At An Antique Store

RIP To This Woman Who Just Bought The World's Creepiest Doll At An Antique Store
@FootyMadPDX/Twitter, @TheNerdyVixen/Twitter

Some dolls are better left hidden from the world. Annabelle is one possessed doll that comes to mind.

But one woman, Abigail, a.k.a., @TheNerdyVixen, likes to have this antique doll with button eyes and sewn mouth close by her side, and we're totally not scared for her at all.

Abigail visited an antique mall in Momence, Illinois, when she came across her new friend that just willed itself to be purchased so that it may possess its new owner.

"So, I saw this doll at an antique store a few months ago," tweeted Abigail, casually.

Little did she know that it was already burrowing into her soul.

"I kept thinking about this doll, seeing its face in my head. I decided it was time to bring it home today."

Once you see this cuddly entity, you cannot unsee it. And it has already memorized your face.

Twitter issued Annabelle – I mean, Abigail – a warning.

Now here's a scream.

No thank you.

There are some things more terrifying than the ones that frighten us.

Even the porcelain community could use a friend.

Don't stare too long.

We need to break the tension with some levity.

This is how Abigail found her in the store. It was love at first sight.

"The eyes are what originally caught my attention. Who makes black eyes with white pupils?? Did they not have black buttons??"

Abigail's fascination with the macabre makes sense. She has experience with a "shadow man."

Abigail described herself to Mashable as an "odd lady."

"I'm always drawn to weird things but I don't usually buy them. This one just needed to come home with me. Haha."

We wish Abby well as we nervous-laugh along with her.

And we're dead.