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People Reveal Which 'Comfort Movies' They've Watched The Most

Watching Netflix

Reddit user xX_Skibidi_Gyatt_Xx asked: 'What is your “comfort movie” that you have watched many times?'

Streaming movies has become the best thing for cinephiles since Blockbuster home video rental stores.

On a paid monthly prescription, we can watch endless programming to our heart's desire.

But the amount of options can be daunting and going through all the available selections of new movies or even old ones we haven't seen before can be overwhelming.

This is why revisiting our favorite movies is sometimes the better option.

Curious to hear from strangers online, Redditor xX_Skibidi_Gyatt_Xx asked:

"What is your 'comfort movie' that you have watched many times?"

Playing these comedy classics in the background is these Redditors' go-to.

Everyday On Repeat

"I went through a phase when I watched 'Groundhog Day' dozens of times, over and over, often while I was doing other tasks. It became kind of a soothing background for me."

"And yes, I'm quite aware of the irony of playing 'Groundhog Day' over and over."

– Bizarre_Protuberance

Solace In The Cubicle

"Office Space is pretty much a white noise machine for bedtime now."

– illadvisedtherapy

"I did nothing and it was everything I thought it could be."

– moinatx

Robin Williams Classics

"The Birdcage. Cracks me up every time."

– First_Drive2386

"May I take your purse as usual or for the first time?”

– Nother_Story

"Mrs. Doubtfire."

"It always makes me laugh when I'm feeling depressed."

"Watching it during the pandemic when I had covid and gave me a lot of comfort."

– SciFiFilmMachine

Homage To The City Of Love

"Amélie is my comfort movie because of its whimsical charm and the beautiful portrayal of Paris. It's like a warm blanket on a cold day."

– Square-Audience5881

Problem Solver

"The Martian."

"Is my favorite comfort movie, watching smart people trying their best and mostly getting things right despite the odds being against them just comforts me immensely. Wish the real world were more like the movie. Plus the cast is great 🥰"

– Thelaea

These fun adventure films are on many cinephiles' lists.

That's A Wrap!

"The Mummy… Brendan Frazier movie, not the very old one or Tom Cruise."

– FalconBurcham

"when my wife and I are in a hurry we'll always say:"

"Patience is a virtue."


– Nebraskabychoice

"Who sets the table without looking at the bowls?"

"But let me tell you why?"

"I was hospitalized for two weeks and was really stressed out. Watched this movie on repeat. It was the only thing keeping me sane."

– boromirswifey

Gotta Get Back In Time

"Back to the future series."

– sweilem

Ultimate Fantasy Franchise


– DoctorMosEne

"If I'm sleepy, I specifically like watching Fellowship. The Shire, meeting Gandalf, really the first 30 minutes or so is a nice comforting and scenic environment that sends me to 💤."

"Then, you wake up an hour or so later and it's still going of course which is fantastic."

– DoctorMosEne

Epic Fairytale

"My comfort movie is definitely 'The Princess Bride'."

– Ok-Path-702

"I'm a little obsessed with something I read on here a couple years ago. Someone suggested making a sequel to this. Which initially sounds absolutely terrible. But the idea was to get Fred Savage to reprise his role, reading the book to his own daughter."

"The lines to the book would be the same, but her imagination would be slightly different. Like the fight scene I'm the forest would focus more on Buttercup helping to fight, and when she gives up Wesley her feelings would be more apparent from the little girl's perspective/imagination."

"I would add scenes where they stopped reading and celebrated a family birthday or holiday. So you could see other members of the family, and see that most of them are the actors from the original movie."

"That the boy inserted the people from his childhood life that fit the characters, including maybe even a wrestling poster of André the Giant."

"But obviously the fear that it would be absolutely ruined remains. Which is why I would settle for a muppets version."

– toadjones79


"Jurassic Park. The music, the iconic scenes, the nostalgia. It makes me feel like a kid again."

– BB-biboo

The Wizarding World

"Harry Potter series!."

– CestLaVie_94

"Had to scroll way too far for this. There‘s nothing that comes close to the coziness of a blanket, a bowl of the finest snacks, a huge cup of cocoa and HP-and the sorcerer‘s stone. I take over almost anything at anytime."

– Satansboeserzwilling

Space Opera

"5th Element."

– etuehem

"in airforce basic training we would stand in a formation and each row was considered an element and there were 4 elements total."

"One time someone accidentally made a 5th row (element)."

"My instructor started clapping and called other instructors over to come look at his formation since there was a celebrity in it. He walked over to the guy and said, 'Are you Bruce Willis?' the guy said 'no.'"

"My instructor said 'well if you're not Bruce Willis then WHY ARE YOU IN THE 5TH ELEMENT.'"

– aWholeClap

People love escapting to the world of these animated masterpieces.

Studio Ghibli Classic

"Spirited Away"

– isisamrita

"My personal favorite for ghibli comfort is Howl's moving castle."

– 4amWater

"Mine is Princess Mononoke. But only the dubbed version, because that cast was fantastic."

– bobsbountifulburgers

"Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle or My Neighbour Totoro. I love Studio Ghibli so much."

– Tsimism

It Moves Us All

"The Lion King holds a special place in my heart."

– Severe_Will_7710

"This was definitely a comfort movie for me for a long time. I bet I watched The Lion King 500 times before I turned to 12…. And maybe another 100 since then."

– Original_Blueberry53

Pixar Best

"WALL·E or Inside Out."

"My mother passed at 49 years old very unexpectedly. For the first few weeks after I would have to fall asleep watching something or else I would go into cycles of flashbacks of that night. These two movies became my two that I would go between."

"Also most Robin Williams movies are a solid choice too."

– truecountrygirl2006

"Soul, coco, Ratatouille, encanto Wall-e."

– Wod_1

"I finally watched Coco the other day, for the first time, and so many tears. I loved it and have no idea why it took me so long to watch it."

– YogaPotat0

Lovable Dragon

"How to train your dragon."

"Every time I'm in a bad mood, toothless cheers me up."

– Apprehensive_Two9726

Winsome Ogre


– acren

"Thank god someone else says shrek. Sound of music is the other one for me."

– Kaukaakaunis

"That’s my dad’s comfort movie lol he watches it every time it comes on the movie channel. He’s been quoting it since I was a kid, his favourite is 'do the roar' and 'they don’t even have dental.'”

– mranoneemoose

"My dad loved the antagonist being named Farquad cuz we lived in England at the time and… say the name with a British Accent. They have so much hidden adult humor, like the chase scene in Shrek 2 being like and episode of cops."

“We got some catnip”

“I’m holding that for someone else”

– Teamchaoskick6

My comfort movie is When Harry Met Sally.

It's what made me fall in love with New York city and wanting to live there.

Not only were Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, despite their age gap, were a fantastic duo, the brilliant writing by Nora Ephron, and Harry Connick Jr.'s wonderful big band orchestrations filling out the mood of the delightful rom-com made this a comedic masterpiece.

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