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Comedian Offers Up A Hilarious PSA About What Having A 'Gay Best Friend' Is Actually Like

Comedian Offers Up A Hilarious PSA About What Having A 'Gay Best Friend' Is Actually Like

At this point in human history, the best friendship between women and gay men is practically an institution.

From Will & Grace to My Best Friend's Wedding, the gay bff has been enshrined in countless movies, TV shows and, of course, the actual lives of countless real-life people.

But is this relationship really all it's cracked up to be?

In the mind of one comedian, the answer is a firm ABSOLUTELY NOT. And she's revealing what it's really like to have a gay best friend in a wildly hilarious viral video currently taking over everyone's social media feeds.

Tess Gattuso, who produces memes for the Comedy Central talk show Lights Out with David Spade, wishes to explode the myth of the ultimate human friendship. She created a video detailing why having a gay male bff is kind of a scam, despite what all those movies and TV shows have told us.

As she put it in her tweet announcing the video:

"gay bffs? not as magical as sex & the city [sic] said."

A controversial premise, indeed!

But once you watch the video?

Well... it's pretty much impossible to argue with.

As a gay man, even this writer has to admit these allegations are... well, not even allegations, they're just facts.

Let's take stock of Tess's theses.

"They are mean. Teenage girl mean, but enhanced by male privilege."


I want to argue, but can't.

When you're right, you're right, Tess.

What else?

"They are invincible to feminine charm. When I give puppy dog eyes to a straight guy, gay girl or straight girl, I get what I want. When I make puppy dog eyes at [my gay best friend] Cameron... he doesn't give a shi*."


Gay men can't really be held accountable for that one, though.

It's biology!

But we can empathize with the feeling of trying to manipulate a man and getting rebuffed.


So we should probably give this point to Tess, too.

Her final complaint, though, goes a little sideways.

"They always want to do HIIT workouts. Maybe I'd be more excited to do a HIIT workout with you if you let me into your dance parties. I know what happens there, and I'm cool with it."


That's where a line must be drawn, Tess.

Those dance parties are not for you. (Which she herself admits, don't worry!)

But be that as it may, Tess has a point. Gay men, stop making your friends work out with you!

Be honest, would any of you do these workouts if there was absolutely no reward involved?


All in all, a pretty compelling case by Tess.

And as you might guess, the internet had a lot of feelings about this.

And a few people and their gay bffs had to have it out in the comments.

So it seems like the consensus is that the women in these friendships are kind of getting the short end of the stick.

Has Tess just shifted an ages-old paradigm?

Even her roommate, the aforementioned Cameron, struggled to come up with a rebuttal.

And in the end, he wound up admitting defeat.

That's it: the defense rests.


Judgment for the prosecution!

The book Straight from Your Gay Best Friend: The Straight-Up Truth About Relationships, Work, and Having a Fabulous Life is available here.