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Comedian's Scathing Impression Of How Women Are Portrayed In Sci-Fi Movies Is Hilariously On Point


One TikTok comedian has zeroed in on a cliché that every woman in Sci-Fi movies, both contemporary and classic, faces.

Caitlin Reilly, who is also responsible for her impressions of the worst people you've ever met, including the girl who bullied you in high school, nailed an impression of how women are written in Sci-Fi movies.

Backgrounded by the music from Interstellar, Reilly delivers a devastatingly accurate performance that doubles as a statement.

Invoking a similar tone to Amy Adams in Arrival, Reilly savagely satirizes how the sci-fi genre always seems to focus on women either as scientists or as fully realized women with lives outside of their work, but not both at the same time.

She also makes fun of the writing throughout the genre, as her woman has a connection to science through her father (ie Contact and Interstellar), is a poor communicator (a la Gravity or Contagion) and "can't be good at [her] job AND be nice."

Reilly is a master satirist, often drawing attention to poor and cliché character depictions of women in drama, such as "The love interest in every teen drama who is giving up on her dreams," as well as a second genre satire of how women are written in action movies.


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Since the sci-fi genre was literally invented by Mary Shelley, with her most famous work Frankenstein, it certainly seems like sdci-fi writers owe their women better.

Otherwise, they are fodder for Reilly's satire forevermore.