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Comedian Bo Burnham's Netflix Outtakes Include An Impression Of Joe Rogan That Is Hilariously Uncanny

Comedian Bo Burnham's Netflix Outtakes Include An Impression Of Joe Rogan That Is Hilariously Uncanny
boburnham/YouTube; Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

Comedian Bo Burnham's Netflix special Bo Burnham: Inside was one of the most celebrated releases of last year for the way it tackled the way the pandemic changed everything—and maybe especially the way it changed the internet and media.

One example of the pandemic's impact on media is Joe Rogan, who's controversial—and conspiracy theory-laden—podcast exploded in popularity during the pandemic. And it turns out, Burnham had plenty to say about him in Inside, too.

Burnham released about an hour of outtakes from the Emmy- and Grammy-winning special this week, and among the behind-the-scene glimpses is an impression of Rogan so perfect that if you closed your eyes, you might think it was the man himself.

Most brilliant of all, Burnham never even mentions Rogan at any point in the clip—but you immediately know exactly who he's talking about.

See the clip below.

In a scene with himself in which one Bo Burnham plays a man obviously supposed to be Rogan and Rogan's podcast guest, Burnham-as-Rogan laments the way "wokeness" and cancel culture have ruined comedy.

He says:

"Our culture’s been taken over by a radical group of SJW [social justice warrior] feminist freaks who hate comedians. They fear us."

Ugh. Sound familiar?

Burnham-as-Rogan' and his sycophantic guest then throw in a bit of the subtle homophobia that is something of a signature among the type of bro-y comedians who complain about this stuff.

Finishing each other's sentences, the two say that comedians' problems are serious because comedy is one of the "only art forms that’s not ... gay."

Of course, this exchange could be any number of white, straight, male comedians who feel aggrieved nowadays because they are no longer allowed to simply coast on jokes about minorities. But Rogan's fingerprints are all over it.

And on Twitter, people absolutely loved Burnham's sly takedown of the straight cisgender White male podcaster-industrial complex.

When the Joe Rogan fanbros get mad, you know your impression is spot-on.