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Mom Of 19-Year-Old Titanic Sub Victim Reveals She Gave Up Her Seat So He Could Go

Christine Dawood said her son Suleman 'really wanted to go,' and he even brought a Rubik's cube to solve at the bottom of the ocean.

Christine Dawood; Suleman Dawood

The tragedy of the sinking of the Titan sub just keeps adding worse details.

Recently Christine Dawood—mother of 19-year-old Suleman and wife of Shahzada who both died—talked with BBC about the circumstances and choices before their family tragedy. The largest revelation was that Suleman actually took Christine's place on the sub; she was supposed to go, not him.

The trip was supposed to happen earlier, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In between the originally planned trip and the one taken, Dawood decided to let her son go instead.

She told the BBC:

"Then I stepped back and gave them space to set [Suleman] up, because he really wanted to go."
"I was really happy for them because both of them, they really wanted to do that for a very long time.”

She shared Suleman was excited to bring his Rubik's cube with him, to set a world record for Rubik's cube solved at depth.

Lsstly, she addressed the last moments before the ill-fated trip.

“Well we just hugged and joked actually, because Shahzada was so excited to go down, he was like a little child."
"So the sentence, we lost comm, I think that will be a sentence I never want to hear in my life again.”

You can see her interview here:

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Many people were impacted by details about Suleman, her child.




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People wished Christine and her daughter healing.


Shahzada was a British Pakistani businessman. Suleman was a student at Unversity of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland.