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Christian Influencer Warns Yoga Barbie Will Lead Children To Be 'Possessed By Demons' In Viral Facebook Post

Christian Influencer Warns Yoga Barbie Will Lead Children To Be 'Possessed By Demons' In Viral Facebook Post
Yasmeen Suri/Facebook

Christian influencer Yasmeen Suri was widely mocked on Facebook for claiming Yoga Barbie—the latest in a long line of the iconic dolls by Mattel–will lead children to be "possessed by demons."

Suri, who was born in India and claims on her website her encounter with Jesus Christ caused her to be "delivered from many New Age beliefs and false religious doctrines," suggested yoga is Satanic because it is "Hinduism" and yoga poses are "designed to invoke a Hindu deity in the spirit realm."

Her once public post was made private after sound mocking.

But the internet is forever and Suri's post was saved for posterity.

Accompanied by a photo of the doll, Suri wrote:

"Yoga Barbie" is at Target on the shelf. Satan always comes as appearing innocent. He will never come with horns and a pitchfork."
"This Barbie has 5 guided meditations. Remember, Yoga IS Hinduism. You cannot separate the poses from the religion."
"Each pose is designed to invoke a Hindu deity in the spirit realm."

Suri said that she has "seen children get possessed by demons." Moreover, Satan is after young children because he "wants to use them and indoctrinate them for his glory" only to then "destroy them."

She added Yoga Barbie is an affront to Christianity because the Bible forbids "all practices of Eastern religion":

"As your kids grow, they will get rebellious, depressed and many will be suicidal. You won't understand what's happening as a parent."
"God forbids all practices of eastern religion as a Christian. You must remove all toys and clean your children's room of all demonic attachments."

Suri concluded her post by citing a chapter and several verses from the Book of Deuteronomy that cautions Christians against sacrificing their children "in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead."

Suri's rant exposed her to significant mockery online.

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According to Mattel, Barbie has had over 200 careers, recently including more STEM fields.

In addition to yoga, Barbie has taught science, math, Spanish and American Sign Language.

She's also been an eye doctor, a paratrooper, a firefighter, a dentist, a NASCAR driver and an astronaut.

Barbie dolls have been criticized over the years for conveying an unrealistic body image to young girls and for a lack of diversity in the line.

While Mattel has made efforts to correct these issues over the years, we doubt they'll be able to do much to address Suri's concerns Barbie will somehow send sinners into the hands of an angry God.

Unless they create Exorcism Barbie.

May the Power of Mattel so compel them.