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Chrissy Teigen Flips Out After Discovering She's Only Non-White House Twitter Account Followed By Biden

Chrissy Teigen Flips Out After Discovering She's Only Non-White House Twitter Account Followed By Biden
Mark Makela/Getty Images; Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Change has come to Washington—and that includes the official President of the United States Twitter account.

The @POTUS Twitter account has officially moved into new Democratic President Joe Biden's hands. That means the President is now following important people like Vice President Kamala Harris, key White House staffers—and Chrissy Teigen.

The model, cookbook author, TV host and so-called "Queen of Twitter" became the only non-White House person to be followed by the new President late last night.

She could barely contain her excitement.

The news of Teigen's newest fan came just after the conclusion of the new President's Inauguration Day festivities, at which her husband John Legend performed.

Teigen—who was a frequent and often hilarious critic of former Republican President Donald Trump and his supporters—had been blocked by Trump for years, as she revealed in a funny tweet directed at Joe Biden on Inauguration Day.

And, it seems Biden heard her plea.

According to Gabe Fleischer—a Georgetown University student who runs a popular political newsletter—as of late last night the President's account followed 11 other Twitter accounts: 10 White House staffers or aides and Teigen.

But it wasn't just the follow itself that had Teigen over the moon. It was also the fact we can expect this President to use Twitter for useful things like informing the public, rather than spreading misinformation and amplifying domestic terrorists like Trump did before he was permanently banned from the platform for inciting the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol.

Or, as Teigen put it:

Teigen was so effusively delighted by the President's follow she became embarrassed by her own elation and, of course, tweeted about that too.

But her fellow tweeters felt exactly the opposite.

Everyone lovedthis new friendship between the Queen of Twitter and the new leader of the free world.

Teigen was an outspoken supporter of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris throughout the 2020 campaign. She joined Legend at the campaign's drive-in rally in Philadelphia, after which she vowed to never shower off her "Kamala hug."