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Chrissy Teigen Admits She Once Had A 'Jealousy-Fueled Meltdown' Due To One Of John Legend's Music Videos

C Flanigan/Getty Images, @chrissyTeigen/Twitter

It doesn't matter how famous or talented you are—everyone gets a little jealous sometimes. Chrissy Teigen is no exception! In honor of the 10th anniversary of the music video for her husband John Legend's "Green Light," she revealed an unpleasant experience she had on the day it was filmed.

Of course, Teigan and Legend are the cutest couple around now.

But every relationship has it's rough patches. Though she's admitted in the past that "Green Light" is her least favorite Legend song, this gave some additional insight into why:

Fans wanted to know more:

After a brief pow-wow with the hubby, she told the story in its full, glorious form:

It turns out Teigan's friend's harmless needling got more under her skin than they expected.

If you're wondering what got Chrissy so worked up, take a look at this:

And Teigan couldn't help but remember how SHE met a dancer in one of his music videos.

Before she knew it, Teigan had an entire scenario playing out in her mind.

It's turned into the kind of memory we all wish we didn't have.

Thankfully, Teigen no longer fears any dancer is coming to steal her husband, and we're sure she doesn't have to. Thanks for the story, Chrissy!

H/T - Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan