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Chinese Restaurant Has Twitter Cracking Up With Their Bluntly Honest Menu Descriptions

Chinese Restaurant Has Twitter Cracking Up With Their Bluntly Honest Menu Descriptions

Normally when a restaurant causes a buzz it's because a celeb has taken to it.

But there are no Kardashians here, Rihanna and her baby bump aren't involved, no politicians or players posted about it online.

There's just Aaron, the guy who writes the descriptions and he is the hero we need in 2022.

Ong Ong Buns is an unassuming Chinese food spot in the Brick Lane area of London. It's popular with locals, but it's not a spot that had worldwide attention until now.

According to their website:

"Ong Ong Buns is London's artisanal Chinese bakery and dim sum cafe."
"We are a Hong Kong/Malaysian family-owned business that bakes in the shop's kitchen."
"Take away or dine-in to our famous Pandan & Coconut Cake, Sausage Roti, Almond Cookie, and Ong Ong Nom."

Recently, a customer tweeted about the hilariously honest descriptions the restaurant used for the menu items.

People value authenticity in their writing, and it's hard to get more authentic than these descriptions. They're the sort of thing you wish your server would tell you, but they usually can't because management frowns on that level of honesty.

Not Ong Ong Buns.

"Slightly Meh" is a whole mood.

Please enjoy the four screenshots the customer included.

We certainly did.





The honesty was a big hit.

As the restaurant gained more and more attention, word got around to the person who wrote the descriptions people loved so much.

And that's where the story takes a heartwarming turn.

Ong Ong Buns posted an update from Aaron Mo.

It turns out Aaron has neurodiversities and has faced a lifetime of people making fun of his communication style. Having people respond so positively to his writing has been a source of joy.

His message to the public read:

"From Aaron,"
"As a dyslexic with autism, I have crippling anxiety about letting people read my writing. Like many dyslexics, people made fun of my communication style and mistakes (that I can not see), spoke to me as a second class colleague, and made me feel useless."
"Starting Ong Ong Buns (and not having talent to bake) meant I had to take on the marketing, customer-facing and other writing tasks. Nightmare."
"However, for the first time in almost 40 years, my ‘different’ communication style made people happy (but not in a cynical way). Even better, haters were making nitpicking comments and people defended me! Thank you, especially Ed Fear."

Now people are even more in love.

Welcome to being a writer, Aaron Mo!

Your authenticity is awesome.

Also, you're absolutely right about eggs and I'm glad someone finally said it.