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Poor Chihuahua's Distorted Face Goes Viral After His Unfortunate Run-In With A Bee

Poor Chihuahua's Distorted Face Goes Viral After His Unfortunate Run-In With A Bee

Last week, a TikToker's pet chihuahua captured the hearts, minds and sympathies of millions of people on the internet.

The pup's claim to fame? A brutal bee sting right in the face.

The swollen chihuahua in question—who goes by the adorable name Alvie—launched to viral fame when his owner, TikToker Angel Campa, posted a short video clip with a simple, alarming caption:

"Throwback to when my dog got stung by a bee."

The clip, using some classic TikTok-style before and after editing, began with Alvie chilling inside on a blanket.

He looked full of frantic energy and confusion, the resting state for most chihuahua's.

The video then cut to the aftermath of an unseen run in with a bee, which Alvie presumably was a bit too enthusiastic about.

Alvie's poor ballooning face told most of the story.

@angel_campa my dog really was trending on Twitter for a hot minute to ##fyp ##chihuahua ##demondog
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The video has been viewed by over 16 million people, a huge figure that seems to suggest a couple of things.

The internet loves dog videos as much as ever and people know the face Alvie made all too well—even if for different reasons.

Viewers' comments on the video confirmed that.

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Others struggled to suppress their laughter.

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Thankfully, Angel Campa's TikTok account went on to feature a whole slew of videos that showed Alvie, now fresh faced and unswollen, enjoying himself in what appears to be full health.

Everybody makes mistakes and runs into fluke accidents now and again. Unfortunately for Alvie, millions of people saw the aftermath of his.

Perhaps in the future, Alvie will steer clear of bees—or smartphone cameras at the very least.