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Channing Tatum Jokes He Has To 'Get Better At Acting' So He Doesn't Have To Be 'Naked' In All His Movies

Channing Tatum Jokes He Has To 'Get Better At Acting' So He Doesn't Have To Be 'Naked' In All His Movies
Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

Though he hasn't been on the big screen as much lately, She's the Man heartthrob Channing Tatum remains a household name.

For many, Tatum came to the forefront after his front position in Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL, but it seems removing his clothes and enticing his fans isn't what Tatum wants to be doing.

In fact, while appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show for a brief interview, Tatum admitted he wanted to stay clothed in his films. But not for the reasons you might think.

You can watch the interview here:

Tatum stated:

"As someone who works out for a job, I promise you I would not look like this unless I had to be naked in most of my movies."
"At some point, I have to get better at acting, so I don't have to be naked in all of them."

It would seem Tatum feels he only has two options in Hollywood—act well or remove his clothes.

But while he's capable of doing the latter, he wouldn't choose it or the responsibilities that come with it. This includes the amount of time Tatum spends exercising and how vigorously he does.

He viewed his exercise regime as a job, but he also continued his strict schedule because of the pressure he felt to remove at least his shirt and appear ripped in his films.

Tatum also shared how difficult he thought it would be to keep up the regime he's currently on if stereotypical things, like a desk job, were to get in the way.

Tatum confided:

"I literally get to work out as a job and it's still hard."
"I can't imagine people who have a 9 to 5 job, who have kids at home."
"Where do they get the energy and the time to actually focus on themselves?"

Fans felt Tatum was a good actor already.

Since his fans think his acting skills already make the cut, perhaps this 21 Jump Street star needs to have a few conversations about with his agent about the scripts he's getting.