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Central Park Crowd Jumps To Singer's Defense After Man Berates Her For Performing In 'Quiet Zone'

New York City 'male Karen' berates the crowd defending the singer: 'Are you a tourist!?'

Central Park Crowd Jumps To Singer's Defense After Man Berates Her For Performing In 'Quiet Zone'

A man going off on a busker who was singing in New York's Central Park in front of an appreciative crowd was caught on video and went viral on the Public Freakout subReddit.

The disgruntled individual who was walking his dog was seen confronting a musician and yelling at them for causing a disturbance by playing live music, a common occurrence at the popular tourist destination.

Buskers performing in various locations throughout Manhattan is nothing out of the ordinary. However, the city requires permits for some public performances that include sound devices like microphones and speakers.

You can see the video, here.

While the video doesn't indicate whether or not the musician obtained the necessary permits to be there, we don't know if the dog walker knew they were in violation of performing at the park frequented by locals and tourists alike.

The music-hater just seemed really perturbed there was a musical disruption to his routine activity. And by yelling at the gathering crowd who defended the singer, the man wound up causing a scene in an area he kept insisting was a designated “quiet zone.”

The man kept saying of the busker, "she's not supposed to be here."

But the crowd wasn't so sure.

When they challenged him to back up his claim, he shouted back:

"You go look it up."

At one point, a person told him to just "walk away" if the music bothered him.

Another individual was heard saying off-camera:

"Who cares, the music is nice."

The man repeatedly assumed everyone in the crowd was a tourist and they had no idea what they were talking about.

When a woman told him she lived in the city, it fell on deaf ears.

"She's not supposed to be here. It's an established quiet zone," he kept exclaiming.

“Shut the f'k up and go to your country house," yelled someone from the crowd.

The person filming the affair was heard saying of the irate man:

“‘I can’t believe these stupid people. He’s the one that started this whole thing.”

When he demanded the volume be turned down on the sound equipment, the man told the crowd that the musician “just looked at me with a smirk.”

The busker tried to rationalize with him by explaining they know what the acceptable sound level was but was not going to adjust the volume for any random person yelling at them.

Eventually, the busker resumed playing and the man left the scene while arguing with passersby on his way out.

The man told the busker he was going across the street to see if he could hear the music from there.

"I'll be back," he promised.

Redditors couldn't help but notice the poor dog caught in an awkward moment with its owner.





There were plenty of comments leveled at the furious New Yorker.



One Redditor was impressed with the behavior exhibited in the video.

"I'm glad how a few native New Yorkers came to the rescue."
"That motherf'ker is persistent though.. Over 8 minutes."

His perseverance was hardly surprising, though.

With no manager to speak to about his complaint, it was his hill to die on.

Had it not been for his poor dog, he probably would've continued disturbing the very peace he was fighting for.