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'The Daily Show' Expertly Uses Tucker's Own Words To Give The Apology We All Want To Hear

As guest host of 'The Daily Show,' Jordan Klepper presented a super cut of Tucker Carlson 'apologizing' after Fox News' Dominion settlement didn't require one.

YouTube screenshot of Jordan Klepper responding to Fox News' settlement on "The Daily Show"
The Daily Show/YouTube

Jordan Klepper, the guest host of The Daily Show, expressed dissatisfaction with the $787.5 million defamation lawsuit settlement between Dominion Voting Systems and Fox News.

Klepper pointed out that Dominion wasn't the only victim, as the public's trust in democracy is also a casualty. Klepper frequently interacts with MAGA supporters at Donald Trump rallies and debates with them over conspiracy theories.

He expressed that he would have to keep having these arguments "every four years" at Trump rallies:

“Dominion was not the only injured party here. What about, y’know, our faith in democracy? There are people who will not trust elections for the rest of their lives ― and I have to talk to those people.”
“I’m going to be arguing with them at Trump rallies every four years for the rest of my life."

Despite the settlement, Fox News is not required to issue an on-air apology for spreading election lies. Therefore, Klepper and his team at The Daily Show created a doctored video of Fox News personality Tucker Carlson to simulate the apology that they believe should have happened.

You can watch Klepper's entire segment in the video below

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The "apology" itself is included below.

"Carlson" said:

“We are admitting that we lied to you… for saying the wrong things about the 2020 election… Now why is that? Well, the truth is… Donald Trump lost the election… And no, we didn’t tell you, because we don’t care what you think."

Many fans appreciated the "apology" for what it was.

Dominion argued Fox News and its top hosts spread conspiracy theories about the 2020 election being rigged despite being aware these claims were false.

Fox News paid over $787 million to settle the case, which is now the largest known defamation settlement involving a media company in American history.

The agreement was disclosed after the jury had been sworn in at the Delaware Superior Court.

During the trial, there were rumors that a settlement had been reached, and the proceedings came to a sudden stop for nearly three hours after the lunch break, with no explanation given. Apparently, during that time, the parties were working out the terms of the settlement.