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Capitol Rioter Who Dragged Officer By The Neck Into The Mob Said He 'Fed Him To The People'

Capitol Rioter Who Dragged Officer By The Neck Into The Mob Said He 'Fed Him To The People'
Federal Court Filing

The legal actions taken against the accused rioters at the Capitol during the January 6th insurrection have continued unabated. Another man has been arrested in connection with assault on one of the Capitol Police officers during the insurrection.

Jack Wade Whitton of Locust Grove, Georgia was arrested last week for assaulting an officer. Whitton's arrest is the tenth of an accused rioter with connections to Georgia.

According to the website Sedition Hunters, Whitton is believed to be the rioter who dragged a police officer down the steps, nicknamed "Scallops".

Court documents describe the assault as lasting approximately a minute and a half. The documents identified the officers only by their initials.

Prosecutors argue that officers "B.M." and "A.W." tried to get into the crowd when they heard someone was being trampled. This is when Whitton's attack began.

Whitton is accused of assaulting B.M. with a crutch before grabbing him by his head and dragging him to the ground. A.W. is also dragged into the crowd by other rioters, where bodycam footage shows Whitton kicking him.

A text message from Whitton to a friend shows his hand bruised from the assault and said:

"This is from a bad cop."

His friend acts incredulous, when Whitton explained:

"Yeah I fed him to the people. [I don't know] his status. And don't care [to be honest]"

With all the photo and video evidence, prosecutors are asking Whitton be detained until trial.

The arrests of accused rioters has been moving steadily along, with many of the people who were once proud of their actions, now shouting in shame.

According to court filings, Whitton was tracked down with help from "unknown Twitter users" in addition to other sources. The FBI received a tip in January about Whitton's identity, and they built their case from there.

Part of the fall of Whitton was his interest in CrossFit. The man was identified by the owner of the gym he attended.

This news set the internet ablaze, as this is not the first Georgian with an interest in CrossFit tied to the Capitol Insurrection.

Republican member of Congress, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, well-known to practice CrossFit and who pushed the election conspiracies that led to the January 6 riot, has more than a few things in common with Whitton.

The internet was very quick to point this out.

Federal prosecutors are trying to ensure Whitton is held until his trial. Judge Regina Cannon of the Northern District of Georgia had initially ordered Whitton released pending his trial, but prosecutors filed a motion for an emergency stay.

They are seeking an order from a D.C. judge to hold Whitton believing he poses a threat to the community, and no conditions of release could reasonably assure people's safety.