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QAnon Rep. Roasted After Posting Video Of Her Pandemic 'Protection' CrossFit Workout Routine


Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia combined conspiracy theories and CrossFit workouts to create the ultimate mockable tweet.

Public ridicule is hardly a new phenomenon for the freshman GOP Representative.

Nor are bizarre conspiracy theories, misinformation or other assorted forms of lying.

But Greene's latest effort included video.

In her tweet, Greene attacked Anthony Fauci and pandemic safety restrictions while also doing some of the strangest pull-ups the internet had ever seen.

The strange pullups Greene was showing off aren't uncommon among people who do CrossFit, but that doesn't make them look any more normal.

Many online pointed out the joint damage extended workouts like this could do.

Greene was clearly trying to impress with her video, but Twitter wasn't feeling it.

Greene had better be careful, both to avoid hurting herself doing those pullups and to avoid the virus.

At the end of the day, strange pullups are not a substitute for the safety protocols recommended by health officials and immunization.

GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene should know that.