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British Twitter User Hilariously Attempts To List What He Thinks Each U.S. State Is Famous For

Joe Raedle/Getty Images; @human_not_bees/Twitter

Some of us really know embarrassingly little geography or history, whether it's from our home country or abroad.

Maybe it's time to make the most of it and joke about what we... don't... know?

One British fellow on Twitter decided this was the best course of action, when he decided to put what he knew about the United States to the test, specifically what each of the 50 states are most famous for.

Think side-show attractions, like the World's Ball of Twine in Kansas, or major attractions, like Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

But the Twitter user couldn't think of that many attractions, so some of the results were downright silly.

The Twitter user, @human_not_bees, turned to foods, such as cheese and wine, for some states. In other instances, he talked about the plant life, particularly if there was an abundance of corn.

There were also jokes about personalities, professions, and actors that had come from those states. Of course, these aren't truly representative of each of these states, but that's partially why these are so funny.

Here are some of our favorites:

"To the best of my knowledge, Alaska is famous for being in Canada."
"To the best of my knowledge, Arkansas is famous for literally nothing."
"To the best of my knowledge, FLorida is famous for literally every news article that makes Europe go, 'oh god, that country'."

(Thanks, Florida Man.)

"To the best of my knowledge, Illinois is famous for having a place called 'The Windy City,' as if that's a positive trait."
"To the best of my knowledge, Kansas is famous for The Wizard of Oz, and it's been downhill ever since."
"To the best of my knowledge, Maryland is famous for being a theme park brimming with people called Mary."
"To the best of my knowledge, Missouri is famous for having a place called Kansas City just to confuse people."
"To the best of my knowledge, Nevada is famous for losing all your money in the desert."

Fellow Twitter users had to share their own faux-criticism for some of the states.

Others decided to pick on the United Kingdom instead.

And a healthy discussion about geographic knowledge and the United States' education system, of course, ensued.

This is one of those hilarious things that happens online from time to time that's really funny to look at, but it also humbles us to think of how much we don't know... and how little we're potentially learning while sitting at a desk all day.