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These Brilliant 'Me, Also Me' Memes Prove That We're All Just Walking Conundrums 😂

@chelseallyn (Twitter)
We've all been there. It seems that most people, even our family and friends, don't always get us. That's because each of us is a bit of a riddle who sprinkles in a bit of day-to-day hypocrisy without realizing it. And luckily, because of a new meme, we've proved we're not alone.

The latest meme trend is the "Me, Also Me" meme.

Writers begin their meme with "Me:" and follow it up with something they know to be true about themselves.

Next, they juxtapose that first image of themselves with "Also Me:", illustrating to the world just how complicated they are.

It's really not that meta, but it's a hilarious example of self awareness that might just be a good thing.

Some people are using the meme to come to terms with their actual level of commitment to things.

Many people use the meme to demonstrate their lack of consistency in their love life.

And others are coming to terms with their ethical inconsistencies.

I feel seen.