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Gay Twitter Thinks Brie Larson May Have Just Come Out Thanks To Her Answer To An Online Quiz Question

Gay Twitter Thinks Brie Larson May Have Just Come Out Thanks To Her Answer To An Online Quiz Question
Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET; @zwanheda/Twitter

FINALLY, some good news...

Gay Twitter--and Lesbian Twitter in particular--has been freaking out over what some believe may be the newest entry into the annals of gay Hollywood icons: Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson.

The speculation began after a very telling moment in one of the videos Larson recently posted to her YouTube channel, titled "Taking Online Quizzes About Myself!"

Taking Online Quizzes About Myself!

Nothing out of the ordinary for an internet-savvy Hollywood icon nowadays, but it was one moment in particular that stood out and had LGBTQ folk on Twitter losing their ever-loving gay minds.

One of the quizzes Larson took in her video asked:

"You're 10 years old, how do you spend an hour of recess?"

A pretty standard question for an online quiz--and one to which Larson gave anything but a standard answer.

Asked to pick the "most likely" way she would have spent recess back in the day, Larson chose:

"Searching WikiHow on the library computer for 'how do you know if you're gay?'"

And instantly, everyone even gay-adjacent on Twitter started talking.

Was Brie trying to tell us something?! Or did the other options just not fit? Is she just telling us that she's straight NOW, but back when she was 10, she thought maybe she might be gay? Or is she in fact divulging that she's the latest entry into the Gay Hollywood Hall of Fame?

One thing we do know for absolute certain: She is toying with the emotions of gay people everywhere! YOU CANNOT JUST DROP THIS BOMB ON US AND THEN BOUNCE LIKE THIS BRIE!

But of course she not only absolutely can toy with us like this (she's Brie Larson, after all, she can do whatever she wants!), she absolutely did--and it left Lesbian Twitter losing its collective mind.

To be fair, this neither confirms nor denies anything, and there have been plenty of lesbian-centric rumors about Larson in the past. But nowadays we need any and all good news we can get, so let's just revel in the possibility queerdom just might have a new queen.