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Boebert Dragged After Whining About 'SNL' Sketch Parodying Her Love Of Guns On Twitter

Boebert Dragged After Whining About 'SNL' Sketch Parodying Her Love Of Guns On Twitter
Alex Wong/Getty Images; Saturday Night Live/YouTube

The thin skin of Lauren Boebert, Republican member of the House of Representatives from Colorado, was on full display over the weekend.

When Saturday Night Live returned from a short hiatus last Saturday, the opening sketch included digs at current world events.

This included some jabs at Boebert and her predilection for guns and lack of common sense.

The sketch saw Kate McKinnon’s Dr. Fauci answer some questions people might have about the new Omicron variant. The scenarios included eating at a restaurant, flying on a plane and visiting Santa at the mall.

But the sketch made a few jokes at the expense of politicians as well.

Pete Davidson played “disgraced former governor, Andrew Cuomo” who claimed he was out of work due to the disease.

But the funniest bit of all came with Chloe Fineman as Boebert and Cecily Strong as Marjorie Taylor Greene, QAnon adherent and Republican Representative from Georgia.

The two were holding guns, of course, and accused the government of pushing the “fake disease.”

The sketch version of Greene asked:

“The government has been using this fake disease to strip us of our freedoms. Do they think we’re dumb?”

Boebert followed up with:

“Please, would they give a dumb person a gun? Yes.”

The sketch went on to point out the logical failings of the real Congresswomen.

For a first sketch after a month away for the show, it was pretty funny.

However, one person didn’t think it was funny and that was Boebert herself.

The Republican Congresswoman shared her thoughts about “no-name” Chloe Fineman playing her and claimed SNL was irrelevant.

You could clearly tell the skit got under her skin.

Fineman responded on an Instagram story and said:


She also called Boebert an “actual clown” and took the insult from the Congresswoman much better than Boebert herself.

Others online wasted no time pointing out how good Fineman’s performance was.

Boebert has been criticized for thinking a little too highly of herself. Not only can she not laugh at herself, she also keeps a sticker of herself on her phone case.

Though there’s always the chance that’s to make sure she doesn’t forget it’s hers.