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Lauren Boebert Called Out After Twitter Notices She Has A Sticker Of Herself On Her Phone

Lauren Boebert Called Out After Twitter Notices She Has A Sticker Of Herself On Her Phone
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

You would think at some point, with all the weird things Lauren Boebert says and does, we’d lose our ability to be surprised by the Republican House Representative from Colorado.

But in one fell swoop, Boebert showed she doesn’t care about her constituents, started a fight with another lawmaker and demonstrated her own vanity.

It began with a photo the Congresswoman posted showing herself posing as if she were making phone calls.

Boebert pretended these photos caught her calling to congratulate students who’d been nominated for acceptance to military service academies.

Acceptance requires being nominated by a member of Congress.

Her attempt to use young, future members of the military for a photo op the students weren’t even in didn’t escape notice.

The response was scathing.

Kerry Donovan, a Democratic politician serving in Colorado’s state senate, pointed out Boebert’s indifference to the people who’d submitted applications to her office until she could use them to look good.

Boebert didn’t dispute the claim.

She instead accused Donovan of being obsessed with her.

But maybe Boebert should look in a mirror.

One of the photos she posted shows on the back of her own cell phone, Boebert has a sticker of herself.

It seems there’s one person obsessed with Lauren Boebert and that is Lauren Boebert.

In her short time in the political spotlight, Boebert hasn’t been known for her keen mind.

Earlier this year, she tried to address an insulting hashtag and it backfired.

In a video about how “haters” have been spreading the hashtag #LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb, Boebert made wrong claims about tax increases and failed to realize in a video about how she wouldn’t bother with the haters, she was in fact bothering with the haters.

The criticisms of Boebert’s mental acuity don’t end at hypocritical videos.

They also extend to pointing out what she lacks on a bookshelf in a picture.

Boebert has been in the hot seat for inciting death threats against other members of Congress.

During the censure hearing of another far-right member of Congress, Boebert went on a racist, Islamophobic, xenophobic rant about Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar.

Boebert’s inflammatory comments included referring to Omar as a “member of the Jihad Squad.”