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Boebert Brutally Reminded Of Her Own Past After Encouraging 'Patriots' To Get Kicked Off Planes

The MAGA Rep. was immediately reminded of her compliance with airline safety measures with a telling photo.

Lauren Boebert
Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert was criticized after she called for “boldness” from an audience and listed what she believes are actions of patriotism.

At an event in Texas, Boebert spoke about the significance of taking bold actions in the name of patriotism, even if it means facing consequences.

Boebert stressed that without people like these, future generations would not enjoy "the blessings of America."

You can hear what Boebert said in the video below

Boebert said:

“I will do what’s right. I don’t care if it costs me an election."
"I don’t care if the school principal gets mad at me or the county commissioners get upset at me, or if the flight attendant kicks me off the plane.”
“I will do what’s right and answer the call because without righteous men and women, without patriots taking a stand for this country, our children, and our children’s children will not benefit the blessings of America."

Critics, however, were quick to call out Boebert's hypocrisy, pointing out she has actually complied with airline COVID-19 restrictions despite previously characterizing them as draconian and an infringement on her personal freedoms.

Twitter account Patriot Takes, which exposes right-wing extremism, resurfaced a photo of Boebert wearing a mask on a flight and included the following caption:

"Patriots shouldn't care if a flight attendant kicks them off a plane? Sure thing, Lauren."

You can see the photo below.

Adam Frisch, Boebert's Democratic opponent for the 2024 election, called her out for being neither in her home state nor in Washington during a time of rising concern over the GOP's debt ceiling demands because she'd chosen "to hang out in Texas."

Others criticized Boebert's hypocrisy and suggested her conduct in encouraging disruptive behavior is highly irresponsible.

Boebert has previously come under fire for making sweeping statements about patriotism in a bid to rile up Trump’s MAGA base.

Last year, she was criticized for her apparent lack of understanding of pronouns while attempting to mock the practice of sharing them.

Boebert tweeted, "My pronoun is 'Patriot,'" ridiculing the increasing trend of stating one's pronouns in LGBTQ+ and progressive circles.

However, her main intention seemed to be to attack transgender individuals, a stance she has long held, having been a vocal opponent of LGBTQ+ rights.