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Black Woman Stunned After White Neighbor Trashes Her Rooftop After She Put Up A Privacy Screen

Black Woman Stunned After White Neighbor Trashes Her Rooftop After She Put Up A Privacy Screen

People on social media have been left shocked after a Black woman detailed her ordeal with her White neighbor who trashed her rooftop outdoor space after she put up a privacy screen.

TikToker @alexandriathemd posted a video showing before-and-after images of her lovely rooftop and the damage her neighbor did to it, and the aftermath is nothing short of shocking.

See Alexandria's video below.

In the video, Alexandria showed images of her rooftop before the incident.

"This is my rooftop. I love it I worked really hard on it."

The effort shows through in the images. Against a sweeping view of the Century City section of Los Angeles and the surrounding hills, Alexandria's rooftop is a stunning arrangement of stylish furniture and abundant potted plants creating a peaceful oasis.

Alexandria then showed a photo of her neighbor, an elderly white man, who destroyed her space. "Is anyone surprised?" she asked her followers after showing the photo of the neighbor.

In a subsequent video, Alexandria detailed how things escalated to this point, and it couldn't be more petty or absurd.

The man was upset that Alexandria had put up a privacy screen on her rooftop and demanded she remove it.

When she refused, the man complained to the HOA and said he would remove it himself if they didn't make her do it--a threat of which the HOA failed to notify Alexandria.

The man also confessed to the HOA that he was the one who destroyed her space, and even sent her a threatening email about further reprisals about the privacy screen. As Alexandria put it to her followers:

"So yeah, I think this is a case where this white man feels that this young Black woman is entirely out of line on her property."

On Twitter, people were appalled by the incident and were of course firmly on Alexandria's side.

Alexandria also said she filed a police report and they have been in touch with her neighbor.

"We are just trying to wait and go through the appropriate legal channels and whatever HOA board channels we need to go through to protect ourselves."

Hopefully that will be the end to this ridiculous conflict.