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Biden Just Threw Some Serious Shade At Trump By Drinking A Glass Of Water With One Hand

Biden Just Threw Some Serious Shade At Trump By Drinking A Glass Of Water With One Hand
Samuel Corum/Getty Images; Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Democratic President Joe Biden is not holding back on slyly poking fun at the man he calls "The Former Guy"—his 2020 election opponent and former Republican President Donald Trump.

At a recent campaign rally for Democrat Terry McAuliffe's Virginia gubernatorial campaign, Biden threw some epic shade at his predecessor by doing one simple task--drinking a glass of water one-handed.

The moment, which you can see below, was of course a reference to the scores of notorious video clips of Trump drinking water two-handed like a toddler, and the internet is absolutely loving the mockery.

While delivering comments in favor of McAuliffe's campaign, Biden gave a dramatic pause for a moment as he raised a glass of water with a subtle bit of ceremonial flare and sipped from it no problem as the rally crowd erupted into cheers and applause. Video clips of Biden's joke immediately went viral as people cheered on the obvious shade.

Accusations of cognitive decline were lobbed at Biden from conservatives throughout the 2020 presidential and continue to this day in order to paint him as a doddering old man unfit for the presidency. The accusations have frequently centered on Biden's well publicized stutter. Last week, Fox News hosts Laura Ingraham and Raymond Arroyo trotted out this tired old chestnut following Biden's town hall speech.

But it is Trump who has shown significant signs of cognitive impairment throughout his term, from lengthy bouts of nonsensical rambling, to struggling with walking down a ramp, to the aforementioned inability to drink water with one hand. Trump has at times been so bothered by the mockery that he even made a huge spectacle of proving he can drink water one-handed at a rally in Tulsa last year.

It seems Biden has decided two can play at the game of doddering old man insinuations! And on Twitter, people absolutely loved Biden's shady moment.

T-minus 10 minutes before Trump sends out a scathing email to his followers trying to fundraise off of Biden's little joke. Such a tough guy!