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Hunky Beyoncé Security Guard Goes Viral After His Reaction To Crowd's Silence—And The Thirst Is Real

The 'Renaissance World Tour' security guard's impressed smile went viral on TikTok after Beyoncé fans followed her 'everybody on mute' instructions perfectly during her performance of 'Energy' in Maryland.

Kevin Mazur/WireImage for Parkwood

Sit down, Jason Momoa. Get out of here, all eleventy Hollywood Chrises. Ryan Gosling? Never heard of him.

Because there's a new heartthrob who's taken over the internet, and the thirst is, as always, very, very real. So who is this man? Some new actor or musician? Nope, just a humble security guard who's fine as hell.

Beyoncé's security guard and bodybuilder James Plaza, to be exact.

And after he went viral for his reaction to the beloved "everybody on mute" part of Queen Bey's performance of "Energy" on a recent stop on her Renaissance World Tour, the internet is deeply in love.


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Yeah, he can guard our security any day, if you know what we mean.

It all began during Bey's second performance in the DC area at Landover, Maryland's FedEx Field last weekend. During the song "Energy," when Beyoncé sings the line "erebody on mute," the crowd is suppose to go silent.

It's a thrilling moment to hear an area full of tens of thousands of people suddenly go hush-hush—and several videos of the moment in cities across the country have made the rounds on social media in recent months.

But Landover was on a whole other level—the crowd went so quiet that even Queen Bey herself has said Landover indisputably won the "erebody on mute" war.

And nobody was more pleased that her extremely hot security guard, whose smile at the moment was unmistakable—and was also the genesis of a new obsession on the internet.

So much so that he reportedly had to lock his Instagram account after thirsty, thirsty social media users bombarded his page with horny comments and kept screenshotting and reposting photos like the one below.

Yeah, it's pretty hard to blame everyone for going absolutely bonkers for this dude, who is basically a super hero but in real life. Chris Evans wishes.

And accordingly, the social media commentary on Beyoncé's security guard has been predictably and hilariously feral.

Beyoncé has already given us so much, we really don't deserve James Plaza too. And yet, here we are.

We serve a generous queen.