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Tennessee Bakery's "Happy Vasectomy" Cake Goes Viral For All The Right Reasons


Cakes are great for celebrating nearly any occasion: almost everybody loves cake, and you can get anything you want written or drawn on top.

A vasectomy is probably not the first life event that springs to mind when you think about things to celebrate with cake, though.

Signature Desserts of Nashville, TN posted a photo of one of their recent cakes to Instagram, and it quickly caught the eye of the internet.

The cake, which was ordered by a Nashville woman to celebrate her husband's vasectomy (also known as "getting snipped," a form of birth control), has lemons drawn on it in icing, and the words:

"100% JUICE NO Seeds"


They captioned the photo:

"We make cakes to celebrate any occasion!!🍋"

The customer came into the bakery to request the cake. The employee who worked with her on the selection told local Fox affiliate Fox 17 News that the husband found the cake " incredibly hilarious" and:

"It was a big thing for him to get a vasectomy and somewhat underrated for men."

The puns were plentiful on Twitter:

Lots of people loved the idea.

Some felt disappointment at not having received a cake after their procedures.

It seems that maybe this is becoming a trend:

As more people opt for vasectomies as a form of birth control, celebrating with cake may become a common trend. Just be careful how you cut the cake!