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A 'Bachelor' Contestant Brought Her Emotional Support Cow, And Fans Are Living For It

A 'Bachelor' Contestant Brought Her Emotional Support Cow, And Fans Are Living For It
L: vwalakte / Getty Images, R: Noel Vasquez / Getty Images

We've all heard of emotional support animals, and may have even seen one on a flight. Most of us have probably seen them in grocery stores as well.

But who would have thought they'd see an emotional support cow, and on the newest season of The Bachelor, no less?

Monday night was the first episode of this season's The Bachelor, starring Peter Weber as the Bachelor, which meant it was time for all of the Bachelor contestants to make their big entrance. The point of this episode is not only to be introduced to the audience, but essentially to make some kind of scene, so the Bachelor remembers you out of the long line of contestants.

And what better way to make a big entrance than to pull up to the Bachelor mansion with your giant, supportive animal?

Enter Jenna, dressed beautifully like all of the other contestants, but in her company is a large, brown, farm cow. She introduces her cow as Ashley P. and says that she is her emotional support cow.

When Peter greets the cow, Jenna leaves Ashley P. with him and goes into the Bachelor mansion like it's no big deal.

Talk about an interesting way of getting a guy to chase you down later! Peter will have to bring Ashley P. back to Jenna at some point, won't he?

Some viewers are definitely appreciating the hilarity of the surprise guest.

As it turns out, though, fans of The Bachelor are living for this cow right now, and if Ashley P. makes a swift exit, there's sure to be an emotional rally against it.

It seems a lot of people would be really happy if Peter chose Ashley P. as his winning lady.

What an interesting and memorable way to launch the latest season of The Bachelor.

Surely the new, fuzzy cast member will encourage some new viewers to join the audience, not to mention staying power for the fans who have been watching for years and are probably ready for something a little bit different.