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Video Of Baby Crowdsurfing At Rap Concert Sparks Concern

Video of a baby being crowdsurfed up to rapper Flo Rida at the CelebrateErie music festival in Erie, Pennsylvania, sparked concern about the baby's hearing and safety.

Video Of Baby Crowdsurfing At Rap Concert Sparks Concern
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Rapper Flo Rida put on quite a show recently at the CelebrateErie music festival in Erie, Pennsylvania, but he was quickly upstaged by a very special guest—a crowdsurfing baby.

Yes, you read that right. During Flo Rida's set, someone sent their baby crowdsurfing through the audience all the way up to Flo Rida himself to join him for his performance.

The video has gotten tons of people online heartily laughing. But it's also drawn intense backlash since crowdsurfing a baby—or bringing one to a concert, period!—isn't really, you know... safe.

You can see video of the incident, below.

Okay, first things first: that is one cool baby. Who among us can say we've ever shared a stage with a world-renowned rapper?

And there's something undeniably adorable about Flo Rida snuggling the little bundle up close while he continued performing, and even holding the mic up to his little mouth. It's like the stuff the word "awwwwww" was made for.

For his part, the baby didn't seem to mind at all. He seemed to just be taking it all in.

HOWEVER. Need we state the obvious? Something truly awful could have happened with one false move, right? Especially since if you look closely, Flo Rida isn't even on the stage, but on some dude's shoulders when he takes the baby. Yikes.

That aside, music that loud can't be good for his little ears. Who even brings a baby to a concert in the first place? And what if the baby got lost? What about germs? What about COVID? There are so many questions.

And people on social media were definitely divided on the matter. Lots of people found the video cute and hilarious, for obvious reasons.

But most people seemed shocked by the video, and questioned the baby's mother's parenting.

Yeah, cute as a crowdsurfing baby is, it's probably best to leave the babies at home for your concert outings, parents.