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Authorities Baffled After Woman Somehow Boards Delta Flight Without ID Or Boarding Pass

Authorities Baffled After Woman Somehow Boards Delta Flight Without ID Or Boarding Pass / Getty Images

It was reported on Saturday that a woman managed to board and be seated on a Delta Airline flight without legal identification or a boarding pass.

Officials are currently investigating how the woman managed to do this before charging her with a crime.

According to a police report, the woman boarded a flight out of Orlando and took the seat of another passenger. When the fellow passenger appeared with a boarding pass, confused about the seating arrangement, the woman in the seat was confronted by Delta employees.

The pilot of the plane and several employees approached the woman, attempting to remove her from the seat, so the actual passenger could sit down.

The woman simply said:

"I'm not moving."

According to Jennie Clemons—the woman actually assigned the seat in question—the interloper was very blunt and refused to move.

The police said, when questioned, the woman claimed to have thrown her boarding pass out after boarding.

The woman exclaimed:

"Who knows where I threw it out? I just threw it out as soon as I got on the plane."

The situation turned even stranger when the woman didn't have any identification on her. Instead, she held out her phone and attempted to present a selfie instead.

When told the selfie wasn't a form of government-issued ID, the woman replied that the selfie was "just as good."

After failing to produce any of the required documents, the woman was removed from the plane and agreed to be escorted away from the airport by the police.

It remains unclear if the woman initially boarded the plane without any required documents and even how she would have done so. The police are currently collaborating with the FBI on this matter.

At this time, the woman is not being publicly identified and has not been charged with a crime for boarding the plane. A spokesperson from the Transportation Security Administration can, however, confirm that the woman has since gone through TSA screening.

Onlookers have taken to Twitter to discuss the strange incident.

Some have looked at the more ridiculous aspects, such as presenting a selfie as a form of ID. Most, however, are either scared of the implications of the incident or enraged by the protocols they traditionally have to follow to pass through an airport.

Undoubtedly, some of the passengers must have felt this way after a woman sat in one of the booked seats and refused to vacate.

A spokesperson from Delta Airlines apologized to the passengers of the flight and confirmed that Delta will be involved in the investigation.

The Delta spokesperson confirmed:

"Safety and security is always our top priority."

What led the woman to the Delta Airlines flight in Orlando remains to be seen.

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