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Armie Hammer Caught On Camera Selling Timeshares In The Cayman Islands After Scandals

Armie Hammer Caught On Camera Selling Timeshares In The Cayman Islands After Scandals
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

This Just In: Apparently Lizzo was right and all the rumors are true.

Rumors recently circulated that former-Hollywood-hot-guy, Armie Hammer, has been working selling time shares in the Cayman Islands now that his acting contracts have run dry.

Hammer, whose most recent work was in a Disney project, has been plagued by allegations of sexual abuse, sexual assault and rape. In addition to those allegations were more sensational claims of cannibalism.

As a result, his management company dropped him, he was replaced in upcoming projects and Hammer was essentially ousted from acting. Be that as it may, Hammer still has two children and, despite being the great-grandson of an oil tycoon, he evidently doesn't have "family money."

When rumors first came out about Armies potential new gig—rumors spurred by fliers passed out at a golf resort—both his rep and the hotel claimed they were untrue. They said Hammer was just there hanging out with friends.

It seemed plausible.

Hammers ex-wife—he was married when the allegations surfaced—is baker and TV personality Elizabeth Chambers. She lives in the Cayman Islands with the pair's sons, so his presence there makes sense.

It also seems reasonable that, if he was living in the Cayman Islands, he would have friends who also lived there and they might hang out at a golf resort.

The rest of the official story got a bit convoluted from there.

According to hotel management, Armie Hammer was a guest who had become friends with staff members. Those staff members then used hotel resources to take Hammers picture, create a "prank" flyer and distribute that flyer to guests.

The flyer from a now-deleted tweet:


That "it's a prank" cover story settled the rumor mill for about 8 seconds before TMZ came through with video seeming to show Hammer very much in a work capacity discussing time shares at the resort.

The clip hit media fast.

Normally, we love a story about a parent swallowing their pride and doing what they have to do in order to take care of their kids.

But the allegations combined with that PR attempt to still seem above having a "real job" mean this story is seeing little sympathy from social media.

Very little.

Though she deleted the original tweet citing harassment, Muna always stood by her story.

It seems she's been proven right.

There is, however, some speculation this is a PR move set in play by his family.

People aren't here for it.

While all of that was going on, Armie was allegedly getting help from an unexpected source—a Hollywood hot property who knows what it's like to be cast out after making a mess of your life—Robert Downey Jr.

Reports surfaced RDJ was stepping in to help, but details remain unclear.

Radar Online reported Hammer quit his job in the Caymans after being found out. They previously claimed Hammer lost his entire fortune after last year’s sexual assault allegations.

Vanity Fair added RDJ was not only letting Hammer live at one of his Los Angeles properties, but also funded Hammer's 2021 six-month stay in a Florida rehab facility. According to friends, Hammer struggles with drugs, alcohol and sex addiction.