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Armie Hammer's Ex-Wife Reveals He Was 'The Worst' Before His Alleged Crimes Even Came To Light

Elizabeth Chambers opened up about how she learned about the 'Call Me By Your Name' star's behavior along with the public.

Elizabeth Chambers and Armie Hammer
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Armie Hammer's ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers is speaking out about allegations against Hammer as well as the demise of their marriage.

Chambers opened up to Elleearlier this week, calling the actor "the worst" during quarantine before any of his other alleged behavior came to light.

Chambers shared when COVID cases began spiking in the U.S., the couple chose to stay in the Cayman Islands—where Hammer's father and stepmother lived—instead of returning home to Los Angeles from a boat trip in St. Barts.

Hammer told British GQin September of 2020 he felt like a wolf "caught in a snare" wanting to "chew his own foot off." He explained the period was a "very complicated, intense situation, with big personalities all locked in a little tiny place."

Chambers, however, shared he wasn't "caged" at all. She shared "He was the worst" during that time.

While the couple faced challenges before—long distance, celebrity, cheating scandals—Chambers shared Hammer decided to leave the family in the early days of the pandemic to go back to California to help a friend restore a motel near Joshua Tree National Park.

This all happened months before public accusations against Hammer came out.

She revealed:

"My heart was broken in nine million pieces, and I still drove him to the airport."

Chambers continued:

"You can give, you can love, you can be there for someone, but you also need to hold people accountable for their actions."

She filed for divorce in July of 2020, though it hasn't been finalized yet.

Of the split, Chambers shared:

"The dissolution of my family was literally my biggest fear of my whole life."
"You'e building something, right? You're weaving a beautiful tapestry, and the last thing you want is for a knife to come and rip the tapestry in half."

Some learning of Chambers' struggle with Hammer's behavior felt for her position of isolation during a difficult time.

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Others think Chambers' interview is part of an alleged "smear campaign" against Hammer.

They claimed she colluded with others in an attempt to gain the Hammer fortune.

Chambers shared when the public learned of Hammer's cannibalism fantasies, she was hearing of it for the first time.

"I was learning things as the public was."
"I was like, 'There are no words. What the f*ck?"

Of his alleged secret sex life and DMs, Chambers' sister shared recipients of Hammer's messages reached out to Chambers who listened to and supported them.

"It was all still so new to her. She put on her support hat to be there for these women who had gone through terrible, terrible situations that were brought on by her former husband, but Elizabeth chose to be there for them rather than for herself first."
"She listened to horrible, deep, dark details regardless of what it meant for her own life."

This entire situation is a lot to process.