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A Rightwing Troll Asked AOC For Her 'OnlyFans Link' And She Had The Perfect Response

A Rightwing Troll Asked AOC For Her 'OnlyFans Link' And She Had The Perfect Response
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

New York Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is known for being a master of social media and a master of the clapback.

And when the two converge? Well, nobody in Washington does it better, and AOC proved it this week.

When a troll tried to mock her and subtly slut-shame her at the same time by asking for her "OnlyFans Link," Representative Ocasio-Cortez had the perfect response.

See it below.

It all began when someone responded to AOC's call for questions on her Instagram story with the submitted query, "What's your onlyfans link?"


Ocasio-Cortez was ready.

She took a photo of herself pointing to an onscreen link to her reelection fundraising campaign on political donation platform ActBlue along with a pointed directive in the onscreen text that read:

"It's right here."
"Now you need to donate for your corny comment [thank you]."

AOC then reposted the whole thing to Twitter, just to make absolutely sure the troll knew who was running the show here.

A true grassroots politician, Ocasio-Cortez is one of the most prolific fundraisers in Washington, despite refusing to appeal to corporations or accept lobbyist donations, practices that are the lifeblood of most politicos.

On her ActBlue page, Ocasio-Cortez explains:

"Alexandria is fighting for progressive policies that can help create social, racial, and economic justice for all."
"That's why she's taking $0 from corporations and lobbyists and is relying on the grassroots to power her campaign."

Her 2022 reelection campaign is shaping up to be her most successful yet. In just 2022 alone she has raised nearly $9 million dollars through her grassroots appeals--more than four times the average of politicians in the House.

And nowadays, she's nearly as well known for her deft clapbacks on social media--including with her own colleagues.

Most recently, she put her Colorado GOP House colleague Lauren Boebert firmly in place, telling the woman to "just quit" Congress instead of being a "useless piece of furniture" for refusing to do anything about gun violence in the wake of the tragic Uvalde, Texas school shooting.

And as usual, people on Twitter loved AOC spicy retort to her troll—even some of her detractors.

Your move, trolls.