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AOC Tells Boebert To 'Just Quit' Instead Of 'Acting Like A Useless Piece Of Furniture' In Blistering Tweet

AOC Tells Boebert To 'Just Quit' Instead Of 'Acting Like A Useless Piece Of Furniture' In Blistering Tweet
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images; Rod Lamkey - Pool/Getty Images

People online are cheering after Democratic New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dealt a blistering take-down to gun-obsessed far-right Republican Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert for her response to the Uvalde school shooting.

In the wake of the shooting, Boebert posted a string of absurd tweets denying the validity of legislation or government intervention on the issue of gun violence, saying "you cannot legislate away evil."

Ocasio-Cortez, speaking for many, immediately clapped back demanding to know why Boebert bothers even working in public service if this is her view, and challenging her to lead or get out of the way in a fiery quote tweet.

You can read the tweet below:

Responding directly to Boebert's feeble claim about legislating evil, Ocasio-Cortez asked Boebert:

"Why even be in Congress if you don’t believe in doing your job?"

She then excoriated Boebert's inaction on the issue, slamming her as "useless" and urging her to leave Congress.

"Just quit and let someone who actually gives a damn do it instead of acting like a useless piece of furniture when babies are shot with AR15s that we let teen boys impulse buy before they can legally have a beer."

Ocasio-Cortez's referencing of teens' access to guns is particularly apt in regards to Boebert.

Not only has she very publicly opposed even the most basic gun-control measures, but she has also supported her own underage teen sons' having assault rifles, as depicted in a viral photo of her and her sons posed by a Christmas tree holding AR15s last December that has resurfaced in the wake of Uvalde.

Predictably, Boebert's response to Ocasio-Cortez was no less heated--and also rife with misinformation.

Boebert wrote:

"Ms. Defund the Police,"
"Gun Free Zones have proven to be deadly."
"Let me know when you’re ready to do your job and effectively protect our schools with armed security."
"Let’s meet and solve this."

Armed security in schools has repeatedly been shown to increase violence and raise death counts in school shootings.

And an armed officer who works at the Uvalde school along with two other law enforcement colleagues all shot at the shooter Tuesday morning. They were unable to stop him.

On Twitter, people applauded Ocasio-Cortez for not holding back with Boebert.

Boebert is one of the most gun-obsessed members of Congress and has repeatedly used gun rights to make spectacles of herself, including sending a pro-gun fundraising email just two hours after a mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado last year.