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Amy Schumer's Husband Surprises Her With Hilariously Dark Message On Her 40th Birthday Cake


Actress and comedian Amy Schumer turned 40 on June 1, and her family and friends came together over the weekend to celebrate.

Her husband, chef Chris Fischer, baked her a cake and decorated it with a very special, and very dark, message.

Schumer posted a video of Chris bringing out the cake while everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to her Instagram on Monday with the simple caption "My 🎂 #40."

The joke?

A small piece of chocolate on top of the cake was inscribed with the message:

"I'm leaving you. This was the only way I could think to do it."


Schumer's shocked expression while holding her 2-year-old son Gene at the very end of the video shows that Chris' joke might have taken a moment to fully sink in.

You can view the video, complete with a dirge-like rendition of "Happy Birthday" below:

Schumer's husband makes frequent appearances on her Instagram.

The couple celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary earlier this year.

Some Instagram commenters were worried about Schumer after seeing her face at the end of the cake video, but the couple are well known for their shared slightly dark sense of humor.

If this photo from last month is any indication, they're probably doing alright.