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Brits Are Horrified After American Woman Shares Her Bizarre Recipe For 'British Tea' On TikTok


Once upon a time, Americans threw "British Tea" into Boston harbor as a form of protest.

However, to British people's horror, the affinity for "British Tea" may have resurfaced in the form of a cringey TikTok video.

The TikTok in question opens to two American women, who are about to share their method for making "hot tea, or 'British Tea,'" which left several Brits shaking their heads in complete and utter disgust.

A woman microwaves a mug filled with tap water, whereas British people normally use a kettle to heat their water.

She then pours the milk into the hot water before adding the teabag, which turns the tea grey, and then adds more sugar than Mrs. Brady likes in her coffee.

Sure Jan

British people were immediately more horrified than they were over the Boston Tea Party.

British people are so passionate about their tea that the BBC once ran a special entitled How You've Been Making Your Tea Wrong Your Entire Life.

How you've been making tea WRONG your entire life - BBC

And British Twitter is more angry than King George III was over cries of "taxation without representation."

As the protagonist (or antagonist?) of the TikTok tea video is—according to her profile—an "American living in the UK," we think she best keep an eye on her doorstep to make sure an angry British mob has not formed.