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Alex Trebek Totally Roasted A Contestant Who Answered The Final 'Jeopardy!' Question With A Meme 😂

Youtube: Jeopardy! / Twitter: @2Cadenas_

How far ahead do you have to be in Jeopardy! to get this cocky? Jeopardy! contestant Erik Agard decided more than four times the next player's score would be enough to throw away his question on a meme.

In the final-round on Monday night, the contestants were given the answer, "In a hint of the future, in 1973 Marjorie Post gave it to the U.S. Govt. as a warm-weather presidential retreat, but it was returned." It is unknown if Agard truly knew the answer, but his response made him a winner in the eyes of the internet anyway.

Despite the second place player, Joanna Rom, answering correctly, Agard still had a commanding lead. His answer of "What is you doing baby?" had the internet in stitches, referencing the classic meme.

Alec Trebek however was not having it. After struggling to read Agard's handwriting, he realized it was a joke answer and mocked Agard saying, "Well I'm responding incorrectly!"

It's hard to feel bad for the ribbing he received, when Agard still won over $14,000 that day, and the respect of the internet.

Agard's total winnings clock in at just over $40,000. That's a pretty good payout to live in meme infamy.

H/T: HuffingtonPost, TIME